Lil’ B: I’m Gay (I’m Happy) (REVIEW)

Welll this came out of …nowhere.

I am not usually a Lil B fan – I find him a bit gimmicky.  I do respect his ability to build a rabid fanbase though – he knows how to market himself that is for sure.

I knew his album was dropping soon, but didn’t care.  Then I get an email from my friend:

“Hey you hear “Im Gay” yet?”

Ummm what?

I was a bit confused but as I read on I realized that was the title of Lil B’s new album – “Im Gay”.

I won’t question his marketing methods because they work – but I am surprised he went “there”.  He didn’t go full bore though, as you can see on the album cover he does include (IM HAPPY) underneath.

Regardless of what he meant though – ballsy move #nohomo.  In a musical genre noted for it’s homophobia, is Lil B making a bit of a statement?  Who knows?

Anyways I begrudgingly threw the album into my iTunes.  I did like that one song he had with Jean Grae earlier in the year so I thought “Why not?”.  I start the album and kind of let it play in the background…after the first three songs I was like – whoa – I like this.

Say what you will about Lil B, but if all you have heard his “cooking music” you will be really surprised by the production on this album.  Off of a couple of listens this is one of the better produced albums this year period.

Of course, production alone can’t completely save an album.  I have heard Lil B doing some weird ass rapping off the beat completely.  I guess some people dig that but not me.  On this album though – he is on beat for most of the rapping.  He isn’t the best technically, and doesn’t have an amazing flow – but he sounds more than passable on this.  In fact he has a some nice rhymes on this.

Now I have only listened to this a couple of times so I don’t know if the subject matter is weird as hell – so maybe that effects my enjoyment of the album but as of  now – count me as VERY surprised.

Wonderful production, and the Based God holds his own on the mic.


  • Trapped in Prison
  • Open Thunder Eternal Slumber
  • Game
  • Unchain Me

(these four songs constitute a great quartet to open an album)


Not a lot sticks out- maybe The Wilderness, but then I also think it might sample some classic SNES RPG (no idea if this is true, or which one but it is real familiar)

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