Lil Wayne: The Carter 4 [REVIEW]

It finally leaked.

Lil Wayne with the 4th installment of the Carter series.  The past Carter albums are all pretty good, with the third being my least favorite. Can Weezy bounce back?  We will see.

I haven’t let this album sink in fully, so I haven’t heard a lot of the lyrics and don’t know for sure what Wayne shows up on this album.  I listened to it once and tried to capture my initial thoughts of each song.  Remember this is likely to change on subsequent listens.

Intro – Love the intro – great start to the album.

Blunt Blowin – yeahhhhh this is the anthem.  Loooooooove the beat on this.  Pumps me right up and Wayne goes in, typical punchline Wayne but I don’t mind that. He kills the hook too. Super catchy.

Megaman – This actually reminds me exactly of Megaman – like maybe a junkyard type level.  The bass in this is nice too.  Wayne sounds good on these tracks, I dunno if it is vintage Weezy, but def good.

6 Foot 7 Foot – Well you know this song already.  I’d be surprised if anyone reading this review hadn’t heard this.  It is great, that is all.

Nightmares of the Bottom – Not feeling the start of this beat, might be getting a bit too poppy or soft for my tastes.  Wayne comes in kind of droning too but once the bass hits once again the song sounds good.   The production so far is a tiny bit generic, but I like all the beats so I am willing to let it slide.  The pianos on this are pretty soft, but the bass is NOT.

She Will (Feat. Drake) – You knew Drake was going to be on this.  This beat has a decidedly Drake-ish feel to it.  The drums kick in nicely tho and Lil Wayne is once again sounding good.  If you don’t like “punchline” Wayne you might have some issues so far.  Drake handles the hook – typical Drake chorus.  Im a fan so I like it.  Reminds me a lot of the Im On One hook

How To Hate (feat: T-Pain) – OK a T-Pain track, im prolly not going to feel this. Autotune – uh oh.  This is too soft for me for sure.   I mean Lil Wayne is going to have to come in like Inspectah Deck on Triumph to save this. He doesn’t.  I know people will like this but it is def not my style.

Interlude: Cool beat with Tech 9 can’t hate on it really. WHOA!  WTF Unlisted Andre 300 verse.  Fire.  Awesome.  Total surprise and the good kind of surprise (like a gift), not the bad (like a shart).

John (feat: Rick Ross): Kind of your typical Lex Lugerish beat that Rick would rhyme over.  People will love this, I think I only like it.

Abortion: A rocked out beat that I am feeling a lot.  Reminds me of something that would be on Jay-Z’s Blueprint 2.  I like Wayne on this a lot as well,

So Special: At first I really disliked this song, but by the end of it I didn’t mind it.  Maybe that is a sign it will grow on me.  I dunno, I just felt it was a bit too soft.

How To Love: I think this is a cool song.  I don’t really wanna hear Wayne sing, but it is super catchy to be honest.  I definitely prefer Crooked I’s version: How To Thug.

President Carter: Love the opening chords on this, sounds epic. Great Jimmy Carter sample to start it off.  This is a great beat, and once again Wayne sounds good.  This might be my favorite track on the album.

Its Good (feat. Jada and Drake): Here is some trivia for you – I am almost sure that the sample for this song is the same as DJ Kno’s AMAZING remix of Jay-Z’s Threats. Incredible, already love the song because of that fact.  Drake has a verse this time and besides rhyming faded three times in a row, he kills his verse. This is right up there for my fav song as well.

Outro (feat. Bun B, Nas, Shyne, Busta Rhymes): I almost have to like this based on the guest list alone.  I have actually heard this beat, and maybe this song before.  It is super familiar.

All in all seems like a solid album.  I am not sure how it will sound after a couple of listens but it certainly didn’t initially disappoint.

  • aconcernedandannoyedreader

    I'm guessing you write reviews of music so that people will visit your site. If that is indeed the case, and your not doing this just for fun, then maybe... just maybe... you should try actually reviewing the music. It is not enough to just say that you like or dislike a song. I mean... who are you? How about you trying reviewing the music based on WHY the songs work or don't work. What are their strengths, weaknesses. Are they an improvement from the previous work? Where does it fit in the artists' catalog of music? Does it fit? These are just some of the things you might want to look at. I do hope  you get better at this. Oh yea and the album sucked.. just... cause.

  • Doesn't every one who blogs write their posts so people visit their site?  LOL

    But on a serious note - thanks for the advice.  But like I repeatedly said this was my initial thoughts on first listen - literally written down as I heard each song for the very first time (minus 6'7).  I am    not sure if it is possible to break down all of the details you listed above.  In fact, if I had tried to break it down that deeply Id be a fucking hard on because I hadn't really listened to it enough to make those calls.

    I have reviews that are more in depth (i.e. Latest Dream) but in cases of these big major label releases it is important for me to get up a review ASAP so I can capitalize on the initial web traffic burst (hence the skeleton of a review).  That way, I can potentially introduce all these Wayne fans to the cats I'm really feeling:

    Freddie Gibbs
    Big KRIT

  • Rap at an all time low

    Oh yeah I like the beats and the guests, but ever time wayne drops in I have to skip to the next tracks.  Hats off to the producers and guests

  • Rap at an all time low

    This album is horrible.  I liked early wayne but Over autotuned garbage.  He needs to just step back and look for talent!.

    I thought the throne was pretty bad as well, but not nearly as bad as C4.  I call this stuff pop rap for little teenagers who don't know better

  • WTT was fire IMO.  Then again I don't complain about the "state of rap".

    I think there is a lot of great music coming out - just have to look for it.  I will be posting a mix soon that will spotlight a bunch of these artists.

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