I just realized I lost my Google Page rank on this blog. Weird.

I am sure a lot of people don’t know what page rank is, and to be honest, I am not sure what it is. I think in general that it basically ranks how many quality links you have to your site on a scale of 1-10. Besides links, I am sure it also takes things like spam, fresh content and etc… in to consideration.

If you are into designing websites and someone tells you they know exactly how Google Page Rank works – well then they are lying, or at least exaggerating. The fact is, it is a pretty complex logarithm that is constantly changing. We know that quality links to your site or blog will raise your PR but besides that it is kind of a guessing game.

The only reasons I can see my Page Rank get dropped is because I made my comment section “dofollow”, which basically means if someone leaves a link in the comment section, it will show up to Google as a link. I also redesigned the page. One of those two things took away my Page Rank.

In my opinion, Page Rank isn’t a huge deal. It is nice to have but if your site doesn’t have it isn’t crippling. The only negative effect I have seen of Page Rank is when you are trying to trade links with people. A lot of people will not trade links with you unless you have some Page Rank. I understand why this is, but in my opinion it is a mistake.

If you are actively trying to find partners to link with and someone approaches you with a trade offer, but they have a Google Page Rank of 0, do not turn them down instantly. Check out their site, if it has quality content, share links with them. They may be a Page rank zero NOW, but they have a good site and are obviously actively seeking links, so their Page rank will grow and probably grow relatively quickly.

Very exciting stuff I know. I am sure you are all on the edge of your seats. “Please Ted, tell us more!” Well I will put you out of you misery, I just threw this up to rant about my losing Page Rank and to give a bit of a break down on my thoughts on link trading. If you are trying to get your site high in the search engines you need quality links, simple as that really.

Maybe tomorrow I can talk about something that isn’t as boring as According To Jim.

***Update – Trading Links SUCKS…waste of time***

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