Living on The Edge – Olympic Life Lessons


I have been doing a lot of album reviews and commenting on hot topics on this blog, but that isn’t really motivating to me.  Getting thousands of people to my site to look at a picture of Roy Halladay’s thank you letter is always nice but I also wanted to share my thoughts on more serious issues.

*Cue the violins from the start of Wu-Tang – Reunited*

On a serious note, I have been watching a lot of probably too much.  I have seen every Canadian medal live now.  There are a lot of great lessons at the Olympics…you can learn life lessons about a lot of things:

  • Fair play
  • Persistence
  • Overcoming the odds
  • Racial/national harmony
  • Hard work
  • Reaching your potential
  • Blah Blah Blah…

Whenever there is  a single event that brings together thousands of top achievers in their field – there will be an amazing amount of life lessons.  You have an event full of people who have become the best in their world at their passion – life lessons ABOUND.

It was watching the Snowboard Cross and Moguls, that something caught my attention.  I think there is really a great lesson to be learned watching these guys/gals.

In these events (and many others) the winners are the people that really go for it..duh, obvious I know.  What I mean though, is they really go for it – to the point that they are on the very edge of being out of control.

I mean this completely literally too, in order to be the best in the world at these events you have to push yourself so hard you are essentially out of control.  Ski’s barely touching the moguls and snowboards ready to slip out from under you as you push these tools to their limits.

So what does that have to do with life?

Does this mean we should all do our best Amy Winehouse impressions, grab some pill bottles and head to the nearest all-night club?

No, obviously not. What we learn is this:  If you want to achieve something truly special, you have to give it your all, even if that means you risk utter and spectacular failure.

Sometimes in life you just have to risk losing control.

Maelle Ricker (gold medal snowboarder) shoots down the hill, her snowboard always right at the point where it could slip out, at any time she can hit a rut or collide with another competitor and her dreams come crashing down.  How will she ever recover?

Simple she climbs the fucking hill, and starts again.

Life is a lot like that – you can take it easy and carve out a beautiful and fulfilling life by sticking to the bunny hills, but if you want to be on the top of the podium – you have to be fearless, aggressive and take a chance or two.

When will you start living on the edge?

  • Actually, there are a lot of lessons to learn on Olympic games, it's how you see it. If you are positive in all things, then you would learn a lot of stuffs like play as a team member and cooperate and stuffs like what was mentioned above. :)

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