Me Hungee

Today was a pretty intense work out.

It was probably the most intense work out in awhile. I didn’t do anything different really, I think it was just down to the pace and weights I used.

I am training alone this week. I am a very big proponent for working out with someone. I think when someone is there it helps keep you motivated and competitive. That said, today with just myself was kind of nice as well. I was able to keep my mp3 player on, crank some tune and workout at my own pace. I made sure to push myself and try to take as little rest as possible.
I definitely feel it now.

I think I am starting to plateau on strength gains. I am not quite at my max level right now but I am definitely gaining strength a lot slower than before. I am sure that is common though, the initial strength gains for someone starting out will almost always be more than gains later in a routine.

I am not too worried though besides changing my routine up a bit; I will also focus more on diet and supplementation.

My diet is still fairly atrocious. I do alright during the week, but it is no holds barred on the weekends. I really want to eat completely clean eventually. I might have a cheat day once a month, but eating well during the week only to ruin it on weekend binging isn’t going to help me at all.

I want to cut down my meat intake for sure. That is tough when you are weight training because meat is such a great source of protein. It shouldn’t be too much of a problem for me though because I want to cut out the really bad meats. By bad meats, I mean the fatty or processed stuff.

If I can focus on eating very lean cuts of beef and lean chicken/turkey I will be happy. I think that even with that narrow range of meats I can find enough dishes to keep me happy.
One great addition to any type of lean ground meat is taco seasoning. Now you have to be careful because the sodium is a little outrageous. One way to get around this is to buy sodium reduced taco seasoning. An even better way though is to make your own. It might seem like a big job but if you ave the right spices it is very simple.

You can even be super adventurous and you can make your own chilli powder from an assortment of dried chillies. Chilli powder is one of the main ingredients in taco seasoning so if you have a base of a great homemade chilli powder, you will not have to use as much salt to get real great flavour.

See I can talk about food all day, what I need to do is focus on my own nutrition. I think I am going to take a shot at a weekly eating plan – that way I can use Sunday to prep a lot of my meals and I will be able to closely monitor calories/fat/protein etc…

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