Men Lie, Women Lie, Numbers Don’t: Jay-Z

I think if you know me it is clear I am a Jay-Z fan.  He is one of my favorite artists and in general is just very interesting to me.

From a personal development standpoint I find it interesting he went from nothing to one of the biggest names in music.  Certainly not without his naysayers.

I have no idea what type of person Jay-Z is, and I don’t particularly care.  I just want him to keep making music.  One thing I have noticed (and I am sure this is true with everyone who is super successful) is the people form his past who come out to talk shit about him.  Jaz-O, Dame Dash and even Beanie Sigel.

Everyone wants to take some sort of credit for his success, or think they owe him something.  Never mind all of the people he has made millions for, or the opportunities he gave a guy like Sigel.  Sigel who has been in and out of jail largely for being a moron, had his own record label and clothing line – thanks in a big part to Jay.  So when he throws shots it is easy to dismiss them.

50 Cent is another guy who takes shots at Jay – although usually more subliminally.  He also seems to be in Beanie Sigel’s corner in the current “beef”. 50 Cent is a guy who is all about the bottom line.  Most of his past beefs have revolved around him talking about his CD sales, and money.  Most of his arguments were about how many albums G Unit was selling.  Well, the reality is G Unit isn’t selling shit right now.  In fact 50’s latest album is gonna sell about 150k first week.  Not horrible numbers in this record buying atmosphere, but well below his norm, and well below the point where he can continue to talk shit about record sales.  It is also well below the 475k that Jay-Z’s latest album did in it’s first week.

I am talking about this for a point – last night after accepting an award at the AMA’s Jay-Z ended his acceptance speech with the line “women lie, men lie, numbers dont”.  This coincides with 50′;s horrible first week projection.  With 50 vocally supporting Sigel, who is vocally attacking Jay-Z..was this a quiet salvo fired from Jay towards 50?  The dismissive laugh at the end makes me think it is.   Untouchable swag if so LOL

Here is the video – you can decide…

The Man The Myth The Legend

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