Happy M.L.K .day for the Americans out there.

One thing I always found funny about MLK day was the debates on whether it should be a stat holiday or not. I think currently it is up to each State to decide for themselves. I am not sure which States have or haven’t deemed it stat holiday worthy.

What I do know is that it can be a hotly contested issue. I remember seeing pretty large demonstrations/protests where there would be a lot of angry people on BOTH sides of the argument. I am more curious about why people would NOT want a stat holiday for M.L.K. Day. Even if you don’t believe he truly deserves it, do you hate him so much that you would turn down another day off work? I mean really. I am pretty sure if someone came and told me that they are starting a stat holiday because my neighbour’s hamster died, I would be cool with it. I can’t think of anything too trivial that would make me complain about another day off. Let alone everything a guy like Martin Luther King accomplished.

I am not sure if it was planned this way or not, but I have to say, it is pretty cool that Obama will be taking office the day after MLK Day. Yeah, the big day is tomorrow. I know it was the election results that really made history, but Obama’s inauguration is going to be huge. I hope that everything will go smoothly, I am sure it will though.

You never know what could happen though. I don’t want to dwell on negative thoughts, but this was a pretty divisive election result. Although it is obvious that the US has came a long way, there are still pockets of individuals out there that really hope something happens to Obama before he becomes president. I would wager to guess that at least a couple groups or organizations have plans that will be foiled, or plans they won’t go through with. Luckily though everything will probably end up going smoothly.

It will be a slow day at the office in the US I bet. I am sure TV’s across the world will be tuned to the inauguration, but in the US it will be approaching pandemonium in some areas. That is an obvious exaggeration, but I bet you that there won’t be many schools or offices, that don’t have a radio or TV tuned to this.

If I was American and one of the people lucky enough to live in a State that gave you a day off for MLK Day, I would be making this a four day weekend. Might as well catch history in the making. Get a look at Obama before he tries tackling a horrible economy and 2 wars without ends in site.

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    I first thought the title said Happy MILK Day!

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