MMA In Ontario

Last night, I got the chance to see greatness.

I was watching UFC 100 on PPV and I got to see Canada’s own Georges St. Pierre successfully defend his Welterweight Championship with another completely dominating victory.

GSP once again faced a tough test and made it look easy.  With this win he solidified himself as one of the best pound for pound fighters in Mixed Martial Arts.  You can argue that GSP is the best fighter in the entire world.

You know what is ludicrous about this whole situation?

It is illegal for GSP to fight in Canada’s most populated province.  Currently, in Ontario MMA is illegal.  GSP can not compete in the largest city and biggest TV market in the country.

I personally find this offensive and shameful.  I am ashamed that Ontario is clinging to some ridiculous archaic law and I think it is offensive that GSP is not legally allowed to showcase his skills.  He is a complete class act, a worldwide star and deserves better than this.

It is time for the Ontario government to take action to make sure their laws regarding prize fighting are brought into the 21st century.  The law is completely hypocritical.

Steve Molitor (a boxer) has received great media coverage and been able to showcase his talents with multiple fights at Orillia, Ontario’s Casino Rama.  I don’t mean to offend Molitor or his fans, but Steve Molitor is not even in the league as Georges St. Pierre.  I mean that in every way possible: Talent, success, impact and marketability.  GSP has him trumped in every category.

No one can make an argument that Molitor is one of the best pound for pound boxers.  He doesn’t headline the years biggest PPV’s, he doesn’t have an American endorsement deal with Gatorade and he isn’t the undisputed best fighter in his weight class.

The only thing he has on GSP is that I can go watch him fight live in Ontario.  That is truly a shame.

It is time for Ontario to make things right.  MMA has been proven to be safer than boxing, the PPV’s routinely outdraw boxing and the financial impact of a marquee UFC fight is tremendous.  I have read reports of the Montreal events bringing in upwards of 50 million dollars during a UFC headlined weekend.

Ontario needs money, and more importantly we deserve a chance to watch one of Canada’s greatest athletes in his prime.  GSP deserves to be able to ply his trade across this great nation.

Things need to change, and they need to change soon.  It will be a true loss if in ten years we are looking back shaking our heads at the collective ignorance of our government and wondering why we didn’t get a chance to watch one of the greatest fighters of all time in his prime.

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