I don’t know if I really enjoy movies.

I guess I do like them because I have watched and enjoyed a lot. I just have weird taste.

I am very picky when it comes to movies, except when it comes to comedies. I can sit through just about any comedy and enjoy myself. It has to be a pretty bad comedy for me not to enjoy. I am talking Balls of Fury bad.

When it comes to everything else though I am very picky.

Like horror movies are pretty much unwatchable for me. I am not scared of them, they just really bore me, and I can’t lose myself in them so that I do get scared. If you aren’t getting scared then there isn’t much point in watching a horror film.
I actually think my sight affects my movie experience too. Really dark movies (usually horror) , and I mean dark as in literally low lighting, not in theme, are not my favourite to watch either. I can’t always make out what is going on.

Just last night I was watching Alien vs. Predator 2 on Blu Ray (my first alien and/or predator movie ever by the way). I actually liked it more than I thought I would, but the fight scenes between the Alien and Predator were kind of a jumbled mess to me. Maybe it is because I am not very familiar with either character, but to me it was like “Oh sweet the unrecognizable dark mass is fighting the other unrecognizable dark mass.”

I also can’t watch a movie over and over again. I should say I can’t watch most movies over and over again, because there are a couple that I have. In general though, once or twice is good for me. I guess I can watch movies more times if I stretch out the time between viewings.

Another movie experience I hate are dubbed movies. I know a lot of people do not like subtitles, but I would WAY rather have subtitles than a dubbed movie. Dubbing is much more intrusive and unsettling to watch than subtitles. I find that I almost forget the subtitles are there after awhile. Plus if you don’t like subtitles, then you can’t watch City of God and that is only like my favourite movie ever.

I guess my main issue with movies is that very few catch my attention and make me desperately want to see them. I usually enjoy myself when a friend recommends a movie and we watch it together, but without those recommendations there are a lot of movies I would never get around to watching. I rarely watch a movie when I am on my own. I will usually only do that if it is a movie that REALLY intrigues me. Off the top of my head a couple of those lately were Superbad, Pan’s Labyrinth and 3:10 To Yuma. All of them are great by the way.

Alright I am going to cut this now; I hope I have 500 words. I need to get some sleep, hitting the gym i the morning tomorrow and I do not want to be groggy.

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