I wanted to start November off with a personal best streak of blog posts. It is now the third. Slow start.

October was a brutal month for me – blog wise. I could blame it on the website reconstruction at Ignite, but if I want to be 100% honest, i could have snuck in way more blog posts. It just all comes back to what do you write about?

Even worse is I always make fun of blogs that say nothing. This is hilarious because I haven’t said too much myself. I could come in everyday and talk about the gym, but really how boring would that be. How many different and creative ways can I talk about a gym trip that essentially consists of pedalling a bike and then lifting certain weights up and down, then pedalling a bike again?

Even worse…it is a stationary bike. If it was a real bike I am sure I would have some stories about some car that cut me off. I could talk about the road kill I was able to deftly avoid. I could mention about the sweet two second cat walk I pulled off. But no, it is a stationary bike, so all I could talk about would be what is on my iPod.

There is a good work out tip for you. Invest in a MP3 player. It makes a world of difference, especially when it comes to cardio. I am sure I have mentioned this, but it is worth mentioning again. Now sometimes when you are weight lifting, the cords of an MP3 player can be a pain. I also work out with a partner, so I can’t really wear them for that.

The MP3 player is vital to the cardio at the start and end of a routine though. I forgot mine last week and the 10 minutes of cardio to start the day seemed like an eternity. I have heard some people say they can’t do their cardio with music playing – that blows my mind.

To me it is simple, when you are doing 10 minutes of cardio to warm up, if you have an MP3 player that is like 2-3 songs. That seems like nothing. That is motivational in itself. Knowing that you only have one song left is better to think about then having five minutes left.

Then there is the effect of the music itself. I personally listen to a lot of hip-hop, so when I have some really fast paces, hard hitting bass – it pumps me up. I pedal faster and longer. It doesn’t matter what music you like either. My work out partner gets pumped up from songs like “Frank Sinatra – My Way” and the “Rocky theme song”. Different strokes for different folks.

No matter what you listen to it makes a huge difference.

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