My Soul’s On Fire

I am not really interested in blogging about every great song I hear or every artist I enjoy. Sometimes though, I come across a song or album that really catches my attention.

Usually when that happens I fall into the same pattern. I listen to said song/album over and over again – for days and weeks. I usually listen to something I really love until I am completely sick of it. Not the smartest thing to do, but I can’t help it.

That is why I am going to have to give some love to Anthony Hamilton before I get sick of his new album.

I have been an Anthony Hamilton fan for awhile. My friend Justin (Justin Popovic, Success Coach) and I got into him years ago – I am not sure which one of us discovered him. He is an R n B singer, has a really unique voice. You have probably heard one of his hits. I think his two best known songs are from his first album:



You can get an idea of his style there, although he hasn’t quite caught the same old school, rootsy type vibe as his first album, his latest offering is outstanding.
To me the stand out track and the song that my friends, neighbours and pet dogs will be sick of in about a week is:

Anthony Hamilton – Soul’s On Fire

I think for me it is his voice that clinches it. It is pretty unique IMO. Very strong as well. I also like the old school vibe of his music.

It seems like lately there has been a lot of old school motivated R n B coming out. I certainly won’t complain. I think it coincides with Amy Winehouse blowing up with her very old school sounding Back in Black. This year saw Raphael Saddiq drop a complete throwback to Motown era RnB. Solange (sister of Beyonce) put out another old school album. Her voice isn’t in the league of a Winehouse, but the production value and song writing was great.

Wayne Brady even dropped an old school album that has gotten pretty good reviews. I haven’t gotten around to listening to that yet, can’t get my head around the idea of Wayne Brady putting out a good album.

Also, if you were thinking about asking – yes, men with beards listen to RnB.

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