I try not to dwell on the negative things in life. It has been awhile since I last posted though, and since I really want to get these 500 words out quickly and get back on track I will focus on two things I hate.

So without further ado here are two things I hate.

Number one is…walking a Chihuahua.

It isn’t fun. First from a completely technical aspect it is a pain in the neck. You have to be making sure you don’t step on them at all times, while the Chihuahua runs around in typical Chihuahua fashion…like an idiot.

They get the leash tangled on everything including your body. You don’t want to yank too hard on the leash t stop them because they seem so fragile.
I guess on the bright side they are easy to handle and aren’t going to pull your arm off.

The technical aspects though are not the real problem; the real problem is people seeing them. I am a big guy so I am well aware that me walking a Chihuahua looks ludicrous. I cannot count the amount of times I have been walking a Chihuahua when a car passes by and I just see a huge smile on the persons face.

I can live with that though. The worst has to be when I run into other people walking. This is EVERY conversation any Chihuahua owner has had while walking his/her dog.

Stranger: Ohhhhhhhhh myyyyyyyy gawwwwd! Look at the size of him.
Me: Yep, he’s small
Stranger: How old is he?
Me: Oh about 2 years
Stranger: Ohhhhhhh myyyyyyyy gawwwwwd! He is full grown? Is it a Chihuahua?
Me: Yep full grown Chihuahua.
Stranger: Ohhh thats so cute, he sure shakes a lot eh?
Me: Yeah, they are nervous, well I better be going….

Usually that is the end of the conversation. I am a nice guy, I don’t mind chit-chat, but seriously EVERY conversation while walking a Chihuahua goes something like that. It just gets a little annoying and sometimes a little embarrassing.

Now thing number two that I hate…people waving you across the street when you are too far away OR it is their turn to go.

I know these people are trying to be nice, but if I am 10 feet away from the road, just drive, by the time I get to the road you will be past me. I hate the wave, because then you have to hurry up and sometimes you can tell the person is annoyed…even though THEY waved you across.

The absolute ultimate in annoying though is the times when you do meet at the same point at the same time. You go for the wave to tell them to go on and then THEY give you the counter wave. This leaves a person doing a stupid stutter step. Oh go ahead, oh wait I will go, oh wait. If there is ever a time when you should wave someone across then there has to be some sort of first wave rule in effect. NO counter waves allowed.

Hopefully I find the time to post tomorrow and I can focus on something more positive.

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