New Clipse Video: “Doorman” – Are You Kidding Me?

First off – I am an unapologetic Clipse fan.  Yes I know they re considered one dimensional.  They only rap about one thing, and that one thing is not a very political correct topic.  Everyone knows that Clipse rap about crack.  “Crack raps” have become pretty popular in the past years, and Clipse can really be viewed as a pioneer in the sub-genre.  They certainly didn’t invent rapping about dealing drugs, but not many other rappers have embraced it so forcefully.

Well real life and music have recently collided.  The Clipse’s ex manager has been indicted on a $10 million, 82 count drug trafficking charge.  Yikes.  I can definitely say I wouldn’t want to be a rapper who has based their entire career on rapping about drug dealing when my ex manager was under indictment for those kind of charges.  I believe the DA has said that Clipse are on their radar now.

I don’t think it is fair to judge people on the art they create.  Clipse could just be very imaginative story tellers.

I know a new Clipse album is coming up, so I wonder if they will change their subject matter a bit.  It would be stupid not to wouldn’t it?

Well here is Clipse’s latest video…

Uhhhh…wow.  I love the song, but wow.  They didn’t avoid the crack talk – they embraced it.  No, MORE than embraced it – they created an opus dedicated to the wonderful luxurious life of drug dealing.  From the close up of the drugs cooking, to the scrolling text directly addressing the drug indictment, to Pusha T’s early utterance “Cocaine bought me everything I ever had”.

Like the douchebag’s favorite t-shirt of past: No Fear.

So what do you think?  Is this a stupid risk taken at a dangerous time?

Or is it a kick ass direct shot at their naysayers?  Is this the Clipse’s answer to people who can’t separate art and real life?

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