New Things.

You might have noticed a little something, something happening on the right hand side of the blog. I added a couple things to the sidebar.

I will be 100% honest I don’t know much about them. I know it allows people to sign up for blog updates in either their emails or an RSS feed. If you want me to tell you what an RSS feed is, I simply can’t. All I know is that if you are using the newest Internet Explorer and you click the big star in the top right, you can choose to look at your favourite websites or your history or, right in between those two, your subscribed RSS feeds.

Just another way to check out blogs I guess. I actually added them because this blog is kind of my guinea pig. Whenever I want to see how something works on a blog, I test it on here before I use it on a work related blog.

For example, I helped Justin set up a blog and added these capabilities after testing them her first. You can check out Justin’s new blog HERE.

If anyone reading this has a blog, I suggest they look into Feedburner. I know RSS is steadily gaining popularity, and Feedburner lets you make it real easy for anyone to sign up to your blogs RSS feed. It also lets you customize how your feed looks and it keeps stats on people subscribing to it. Real handy little tool. It is also easy to learn how to use. For example, three days ago i had no idea what Feedburner was. I live in the sticks; I figured it had something to do with livestock.

So I kind of slacked off on my working out during the holidays. Even the days I went to the gym I was only half assing it. This week I have came roaring back with 5days of very solid workouts in a row. I usually take a day off after 5 days straight but I am going to try something new. I am going to try to see how long I can go everyday for. I won’t lie, I have looked forward to taking off the weekend in the middle of a gruelling exercise, but I feel motivated right now, so I might as well ride the wave.

I know myself like a lot of people have a kind of wavering motivation. Maybe it is just me, but if you do have that same kind of motivation, I say until you find a way to always be motivated roll with it. When you are at the peak of your motivation, drive yourself hard. I guess I run the risk of burning out, but I mean there has to be a time when you want to accomplish something that you just have to power through “burning out”.

I think if you want to succeed and accomplish something that is above your normal accomplishments, then that is what you have to do. You power through down periods and burn outs. That’s what going to the gym EVERY day will hopefully accomplish for me. We will see how long it lasts anyways.

To be perfectly honest, my legs are still killing me from the last legs day and tomorrow which would normally be a day off will now be a legs day. Will my experiment survive tomorrow?

  • Anonymous

    I don't agree. I think Trev is a great guy. So smart and witty, not to mention handsome as all hell.

  • Anonymous

    I know if someone offered me cash for email ad's I would be selling them!!! I hate Trev too!

  • Ted Payne


    I don;t even know how to view the email addy's that signed up.

    Plus I hate SPAM more than getting out of a warm bed on a cold day. I would never do that.

    Except to my brother Trev.

  • Anonymous

    will you sell the email address' to 419 scammers?

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