New Youtube Video Page

Anyone see the new Youtube Video page?

Looks cool – has a dislike and like buttons, as well as a much cleaner interface.

Here is a preview: (click image to enlarge)

This is also under the video when you click the arrows beside views:

  • Jen

    I didn't see this change myself to be honest, great find ted!

  • So decided to change the look of the pages? I hope that it will not be complicated to look at. But looking at that shot it looks better.

  • It has some interesting new features - like the stats menu there in the second pictures. The one thing I noticed and it may have been as simple as me overlooking it, was I couldn't find/see the video description.

  • I think it might be like facebook a gradual roll out because Justin Success doesn't see it yet.

  • Teddo you open my eyes to so much! I didn't even notice the message saying its changed!

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