Odd Future – Oldie [Official Video]

I haven’t been checking Odd Future out too much lately, and I didn’t love the recent mixtape but this track is definitely a stand out for me. The video really caught my attention as well.  The track and video have a real throwback feel to them – feels like a classic Posse cut from back in the day.  The sound quality in the video is obviously compromised due to the way it is shot – but I wouldn’t change a thing.  The beat has an old schooL Rza feel to it, and there are def some rapping highlights.  Mike G proves he is underrated.  Frank Ocean looking out of place, but still spits a nice verse and let’s not forget the RETURN OF EARL.  He has the second last verse and like usual slays it – the most obvious comparison is a young Eminem – obv an influence for him.

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