Odd Future Wolf Gang on MTV

I have been talking about these dudes a lot lately, but it isn’t my fault they are just blowing up.  Recently they had an amazing performance on Jimmy Fallon’s show, which included a cameo form Mos Def himself.  They had sold out shows in NY full of rap stars and execs.  They were all invited to chill at Jay-Z’s crib.  Tyler The Creator’s -Yonkers video has over 1 and a half million views in less than two weeks.  To top it off MTV themselves joined the hype train with an 8 minute feature.

The feature breaks down a lot of the same things I have been saying about these guys. Their freshness, newness etc..  Yeah they are shocking and maybe a bit over the top…but the talent is there.  I really believe that Tyler The Creator will be a big big name in rap.

Below is the MTV feature.

One of my favorite parts is near the end when Tyler The Creator is musing:

When people say you can be anything you want, or do whatever you want, dude I really thought that shit was corny…until this moment right now.

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