Top 10 of ‘10…So Far (part 2)

Back in March I put together a top 10 songs of 2010 mix.  It got quite a few views, and since it is about halfway through the year I thought I would put together another 2010 mix.  I will put together one more Best Of the Year mix at the end of the year – but doing these ones helps me remember the hot songs from early in the year.

I will not put any of the same songs that were on my last mix even though they still might be top ten of the year.  For example B.o.B feat. J. Cole – Gladiators would definitely still be on my list, but since it made the first mix I will leave it off this one.

These lists aren’t definitive – I am sure I am forgetting some – but hopefully by making these mid year lists I will be able to make a much better end of year mix.  If you take the list as Ten Great Songs in 2010 and not “the best” you won’t be so quick to disagree.


1. Untamed – Country: This might be a guilty pleasure – but I love the way this beat just SOUNDS country.  Untamed are affiliated with Paper Route Gangstaz and I have talked about this “collective” quite a bit.  The Alabama rap game is slowly getting some notice.  A lot of talented dudes out there.  This beat might come off as corny to some people – but I think it is a great summer song.

2. Big Boi – General Patton: Well, if people ever wonder what someone means when they say a beat is epic – this is it.  The vocal sample along with the bass driven beat give this a definite epic feel.  The beat might be a bit overpowering to listen to on a quiet summer evening….but if you are pumping yourself up before the club – this might do the trick.  Big Boi sounds great – the only thing that would make this better is a verse from Andre.  Also listen to the end of the song to find out about the newest in sex moves…The David Blaine.

3. Scarface – Ghetto Report:
Man how can you not like Scarface?  Dude is a legend.  Been rapping for YEARS – and as a lot of his luminaries drop off – this dude stays consistent.   His latest mixtape is one of the best I have heard all year.  This song is classic Scarface to me…soulful beat, and Scarface kicking the street stories.  This dude is top ten dead or alive.

4. Wiz Khalifa – Never Been:
I had to throw a cut off Wiz’s latest mixtape…it was fire.  Seemed a lot of people liked it too, because enough people whined about me not liking EVERY track.  Well this track was my favorite off it. The beat stands out to me – it might be the use of a Chrono Trigger sample…I also think I hear a sample of a song from the Blood Sport movie – but that is a guess.

5. Nas and Damien Marley – Nah Mean:
I did not love this album – it was OK and it grew on me a bit, but in general I found it too soft.  This is the one song that had production I was expecting. Great song – and unfortunately it is probably Nas’s weakest performance on the album.  That said – a weak Nas performance destroys most rappers.

6. Vado – Large on The Streets:
Gonna be honest, don’t know a lot about Vado.  I haven’t ever heard one of his mixtapes – but I saw he did one with Cam’Ron that got pretty good feedback.  Anyways he sounds great on this song – even if he kind of does a Big L – Ebonics impression on the third verse.  The beat reminded me of something – and finally I figured out the same sample (almost flipped the same way) was on a Blue Sky Black Death instrumental album.

7. Reflection Eternal – Ballad of the Black Gold: I loved the first Reflection Eternal and was eagerly anticipating their release this year.  The album was alright to me – I liked it.  This was probably my favourite song off the album.  I am not a huge Talib fan *gasp* I know it is crazy but he does a great job here.  The beat is great – Hi-Tek was the star of this song IMO.

8. Freddie Gibbs – The Ghetto:
Outside of J. Cole this is my fav up and coming rapper.  There are rumours of a Freddie Gibbs and Alchemist EP dropping – that has no option besides being CLASSIC!  This song is great and really showcases Gibbs – he kills it.  If the beat is familiar that is probably because you know it from the 7-MInute freestyle that Big L and Jay-Z did back in the day (which I believe was Milkbone- Keep It Real beat).

9. Big KRIT – Viktorious:
I want to take every chance I get to mention Big KRIT – this dude deserves a lot of shine.  I think he recently signed with Def Jam – I hope he doesn’t get shelved.  He dropped an album this year (KRIT Wuz Here) and it is still Album of the Year so far IMO.  This was one of my favorite tracks on the album.  KRIT wants some respect and he deserves it!

10. Eminem – Talking To Myself:
I had to put an Eminem song on here.  Although I find a lot of the hooks and his singing on his newest album annoying…he still needs at least one song on here because it was a HUGE surprise that his album was so good.  It should get some Album of the Year mentions.  I chose this song because I love the honesty of Eminem.  He admits to thinking about dissing Kanye and Weezy for no reason, he admits at the time they would have roasted him even.  He also takes the time to announce he is back – and apologize for his last two albums:

Them last two albums didn’t count
Encore I was on drugs, Relapse I was flushing them out
Ive come to make it up to you now, no more fucking around
Ive got something to prove to fans because I feel like I let them down

So there are another ten songs that are fire this year.  there has been a lot of good music released this year and the majority of it has been within the past month or so!  I know I missed songs I wanted to include on this but with the high volume of music lately that is just teh nature of the beast!  I hope you enjoy!

You can check out the songs below – the tracklisting is weird but you can tell what song you are listening to from the title.

  • Any chance of having a download link like for the first top 10?

  • Beware this is untagged though - the songs are tagged the same way as in the above playlist...just in case you were gonna drop into itunes or something.

  • Pambana_83

    how could you possibly make a compilation of the best albums of 2010 and not include anything from Canibus's Melatonic Magik. I get it: music is all a matter of taste - or are you just Stan revisited?

  • Uhh I didn't mention one album...

    As for Canibus...LOL That ship has sailed.

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