Oh no! Politics

1st off before I get into my random political thoughts – Michael Jackson’s daughter speaking at his memorial was one of the sadder things I have seen on TV.

Now onto the heady educated political speek. Ehh, honestly more like the half assed musing of someone who doesn’t have a great grasp of what he is talking about.

For the purpose of my post – I will look at things as a two party system – Dems/Repubs in the States and Conservatives/NDP & Liberal in Canada. Here is my question…

Why is fiscal responsibility tied to so many moral issues?

Let’s talk about the USA to illustrate this. In the USA you have the Democrats and Republicans – conventional wisdom tells you that Republicans are more fiscally responsible and less invasive (financially) than Dems. I am not going to argue if that is true or not – because that isn’t my point.

My point is, the things that the right wing espouse – like tax cuts and less government spending always seem to be included with moral issues. Yeah you get tax cuts and maybe financial growth is more possible – but you also have to deal with anti-gay rights, anti-abortion, forced christian values and stuff like teraching creationism in schools.

I have NOTHING against any religion. But when I say that I mean ANY religion. I do not think any certain religion should be championed by the people in power of our country. The government needs to be secular, and in fact I think there is something in the USA about seperation of church and state.

As the baby boomers begin to leave this earth, and the internet makes even rural communities more cosmpolitan…does the religious right wing have a chance of surviving?

Look at the past election – for a long time the polls were pretty close between McCain and Obama. Then the Republicans named Palin the Vice President Nominee…she is a very religious right winger. Her supporting creationism in schools was a big issue for people. There were of course other issues with Palin – and in the end that nominee really hurt the Republicans.

I think that as time is passing issue like gay rights, abortion, medical marijuana and creationism in schools – are not big time issues to people anymore. People are more worried about never ending wars, the environment and the economy.

Will the Republicans need to begin cutting their losses and stop pandering to the religious right? Do they have a future if they don’t?

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