Thought I would write my blurb a little earlier than today. I hate remembering at like 10:30pm that I forgot to write anything. Then I have to either rush, or I just sink my head into my pillow and forget about it again.

Has anyone been following any of the Olympics? I have, I have a soft spot for the Olympics. I know they really aren’t what they once were. I just still enjoy following them. Tough start for Canada, I know the government and corporate sponsors have sunk a lot of money into our amateur athletes recently, but so far no medals. I think it comes down to one or two reasons. I think firstly that maybe a lot of the money for athletes went to winter sports, since Vancouver hosts the next winter Olympics and a good showing there would be very nice. That is completely a guess on my part though.

I also think that we are just seeing the beginning of that investment right now. A lot of Canadian records have been smashed over the course of the Olympics and a lot of top ten finishes for Canada as well. I predict that in 4 years time Canada will be far more successful.

The one thing I like about the Olympics is all the personal stories out there. I have closely followed Michael Phelps quest, how can that not impress or motivate you? He is trying to get 8 gold medals in one Olympics, which is a very lofty goal. Could you imagine him telling his grade 8 class that his dream was to win 8 gold medals in one Olympics? Sadly a lot of people would have laughed at him. I really hope he gets all 8. It would be a great story and who doesn’t like to see history made.

I also saw an American swimmer today whose name escapes me. She was in a 50m freestyle swim sprint and she was 41 years old. The girl beside her was 16! She came in second in her heat and will now race in the semi-finals. I definitely want to follow that story as well.

One of the first days I watched the Olympics I tuned into women’s beach volleyball. I noticed that the two teams facing off were Georgia and Russia. That struck me as a pretty powerful moment. The two countries have been battling each other for ages, and VERY recently were engaged in full fledged war. Both teams were completely professional, but I had to wonder if there was any animosity. I am sure it felt great for Georgia when they pounded home that last point to win.

I know the Olympic corporate powerhouse doesn’t need me to spread the word, but I would still like to suggest that people check it out. There are a lot of great stories worth hearing. If the commercialism or politics are a problem for you, try focusing on the athletes and their stories and/or quests.

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