How many times have you guys wrote or typed out 2008 this year? I haven’t done it many times, but I have done it every time I have written down the date.

I predict that around August I will finally be writing 2009 without even thinking about it.

So yesterday was my first day back in the gym since the holidays started. Yeah slacking off big time…I know. Even yesterday I took it semi-easy, focusing mostly on cardio. I felt fantastic afterwards, I remember I was dreading going back to the gym, just though I would be so sore and tired afterwards. That wasn’t the case though.

Today…well that it is a different story. I went into the gym, feeling good about yesterday’s workout. I did some quick cardio and decided to get back to some good old weight lifting. Today was chest/back day so I started off with the most glamorous of exercises, the bench press.

On a side note, this is probably the most popular of all gym exercises, whenever you talk about weight lifting someone always wants to know “So what do you bench?” I actually find a couple exercises better for chest but I incorporated that exercise in because I want to be able to answer that question.

Anyways, I started with a very low weight – just basically to warm up. I had zero problems and felt good, so I went to my max bench press after that. Again, no problems with the weight, it is like I never had a lay off. I went through my entire chest /back in similar fashion, low weight to start then jump up to my max weight and sometimes beyond.

I felt good. I went through my routine and went home, still feeling okay.

It wasn’t long after I had gotten home that I felt pretty sick. I didn’t throw up but I had a feeling of nausea for a good 15 minutes. Now the nausea was gone, just took a quick lunch to remedy that, but I am pretty sore. More sore than usual after a workout, not as sore as say the first time I worked out though. The thing that scares me is that muscle soreness usually peaks like a day or even two days AFTER the workout. I really hope that in two days I am not walking around like a mummy.

This is a good lesson though, no more layoffs from the gym. I think taking a week long break after say 8 weeks of going hard, is OK. Taking 2 weeks off “for the holidays” after having a week off just a month before due to sickness is just stupid. It slows you down mentally – you sit around dreading the gym, even though you KNOW it isn’t that bad. It also slows you down physically and makes for another sore week.

Oh well, lesson has been learnt. (or learned….me and Justin argue about this all the time…which is it?)

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