Ovechkin: 50 in 50


I know it is only 12 games into the season, but I really think Alexander Ovechkin is going to be the first player in years (the last time it officially happened was Bret Hull in ’92) to score 50 goals in his teams first 50 games.

I actually thought about this about 4 games in to the season.  I didn’t want to call it then, but I am prepared to predict it now. He is just ridiculously talented and overpowering right now.

It also helps that he is on a very talented line that includes a great playmaker in Niklas Backstrom.

No offense to Sidney Crosby but Ovechkin is hands down the best hockey player on the face of the planet and one of the best I have seen in YEARS.  My friend claims Ovechkin is the most exciting athlete to watch period. King James might disagree, but I think an argument can be made for Ovie.

I don’t think he is going to come close to Gretzky’s 50 goals in 39 games (a ridiculous record by the way) but I truly believe he will score 50 in his team’s first 50 games (barring injury of course).

I think he will probably score 70+ goals this season.  The scary thing is he is only going to get better too.  Will this guy be able to score 80 goals a season someday?  90?  ONE MILLION???  Well, maybe not the last one – but I don’t think 80+ is impossible for this guy.

Now, he could go on a 4 game scoring drought and I will look like a buffoon, but making a prediction needs to be bold.

Other Sports Predictions:

  1. Raptors win 50 games
  2. Leafs make Playoffs
  3. New Orleans Saints will NOT lose more than 2 games in the regular season
  4. Anthony Rumble Johnson (if he can make welterweight class) will be GSP’s most feared opponent.
  5. The Shelburne Muskies will win ‘er all!

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