Packing My Bags

Off to the big smoke tomorrow, also known as Toronto.

I am heading there for a week to dog-sit for my sister. It should be a good time; I shared a house with my sister for ages, so I know the dogs well. I still claim one as my own.

I am going to have to take a bus there – which isn’t that bad, I usually just relax, do some people watching and listen to my ipod. The news today wasn’t too reassuring though. There was a pretty gruesome incident on a Greyhound bus today. I don’t want to go into too much detail, but it isn’t the most comfortable thought to think when I have a bus trip tomorrow.

I do not know what my plans on for the week there. I think it will be a good chance to figure out if I want to move back to the “big city” or stay in a small town. It will allow me to kind of put some feelers out for the future.

One thing I know for sure I will be doing is working out. This week hasn’t been fun; I do not plan on taking a week off from working out again in a LONG time. I have no vacation plans this year, so I think I can safely say that for the rest of ’08 I will not miss that many days at the gym again.

I also haven’t been taking any supplements lately; I am starting to wonder if that is affecting me at the gym. Now I have never been huge into supplements, really just due to a prohibitive cost. I am not nervous about taking them at all. I was taking a couple simple ones when I first started working out, a multivitamin and a calcium/magnesium supplement. The magnesium one was basically because of the calf cramps I used to get. I think I truly feel a difference now that I haven’t been taking them. I have been doing a lot of reading up on supplements and as soon as I have the money I think I will take a shot at some. I think they can really kick a fitness regime into a high gear. I guess at the very least they offer a pricey placebo type effect.

I will also be celebrating my 30th birthday while in Toronto. It is too bad it isn’t on a weekend, but oh well I am sure I’ll get together with a friend or two over a plate of chicken wings. Yeah not a healthy choice at all, but c’mon how often do you turn 30? I know some people freak out about these age milestones, but not me. I think the only ages I really cared about were 16 and 19, after that who cares? Is there really much difference between 29 and 30? People just get freaked out when that first digit changes in their age I think.

Regardless, Jay-Z says 30 is the new 20, and who am I to argue with the Jiggaman?

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