Pain in the Neck

It is the fifth day of December and this is my fourth blog post. To put that in perspective it is half (or more than half) of the total blog posts I had for the last 2 months. Clearly I am on a roll.

I haven’t typed this much since Vince Carter was on the Raptors and I would rush to the internet to share my anger towards him. I swear I lost an inch on each finger just from typing so quickly. That is why my fingers kind of look like they were made of play-doh.

Last night I was watching the news and they shared an interesting tidbit. It isn’t winter yet. Canada recognizes the first day of winter as the 21st or 22nd of December (the winter solstice). That is some grade A bull man.

We will have had a good month and a half of “winter” by that time. That is really sneaky if you ask me. I always say fall is my favourite season, but if half of fall is full of snow and cold…maybe I will have to rethink that.

I learned a lesson at the gym yesterday. Trying to fit your nearly hour routine into about 30 minutes isn’t as easy as it may seem. Top that off with the addition of a couple of attractive girls and the need to show off. Well that will get you a sore neck.

I am joking about the girls, the neck however I am not. It feels pretty sore this morning. Due to a lunch meeting I had to really put a rush on my workout. The only way to save some time is to cut out rest and really hustle when changing weights etc… Just doing that shouldn’t lead to injury though, in fact if someone is looking to really ramp up their workout, I would suggest it. I didn’t up my weight at all, just the speed of my workout and it felt significantly more strenuous (makes sense of course).

If you do decide to try and really speed up your routine, I do have one suggestion. DO NOT be lazy with your form or technique. That is why I hurt my neck; I did it on the bench press of all things. I tried benching too quickly, hadn’t sat down in the right position, plus one side of the weights weren’t held steady enough. I know it was because I was rushing, but even when speeding up your routine, those things should be easy to avoid.

I think I might incorporate a “fast” day into my routine each week. I have a three day split, so maybe I can rotate through that Mon-Thurs, and then on Friday I can do a hybrid of all three, but at a more intense rate of speed. Of course I will be a touch more careful this time.

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