I will just make a quick comment n the inauguration, I have made my thoughts on Barack clear in this blog so I will just wish him the best of luck and keep it moving. Thumbs up to history being made though.

I do have something important to talk about though. Has anyone ever seen the show Paranormal State? Can someone please tell me if that show is supposed to be real? I am not asking if the paranormal activities they see are real, but are they a real investigation team that genuinely check out strange phenomenons.

I will tell you one thing; that show is straight up SCARY. I mentioned once in this blogs how I hate scary movies. I do not hate them because they scare me; I hate them for the exact opposite reason. They DON’T scare me, they bore me. Paranormal State though, now that is scary. I think it is the fact that it seems real that gets me. Like the whole reality show spin on the paranormal is kind of freaky to me.
Obviously something like a re-animated evil ventriloquist dummy is not real. I cannot suspend my belief to make that scary to me. That is my problem with scary movies in a nutshell.

Paranormal State just plays off stuff like knocks in the night, things seen in the corner of your eyes and strange feelings in general. When you watch the show you can think of an excuse for everything that happens. When they hear “paranormal activity”, I hear a house settling. In my mind I can make up an excuse for everything that happens on that show. But since it is so realistic and “normal” you still have a feeling in the back of your mind that “hey maybe something is going on.” It doesn’t make me jump or anything, but it is scary enough that I am damn well going to watch at least a couple minutes of a comedy after I watch it.

It isn’t enough to keep me up at night or anything, but in terms of general creepiness, Paranormal State is much scarier than any movie I have ever watched. I mean I think the only thing that would be scarier is if Paranormal State used the classic theme song from the original Unsolved Mysteries. I wouldn’t even be able to handle that.

I’d also like to add that it doesn’t help watching a show like this and then getting woke up in the middle of the night because your dog is staring at nothing and won’t stop barking. Bad form, Daisy, bad form.

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