Personality Cash Review

I think the internet is a great way to make some money.

There are so many ways to make money online that it is almost overwhelming. It is also really easy to start trying something and then realize you wasted a couple weeks setting up sites, doing SEO and other online promotion, only to find out whatever you are promoting won;t make you money.

It can get really frustrating.

That is why products like Personality Cash can be really helpful. They will supposedly provide you with a out of the box system that all you need to add is time.

Does Personality Cash live up to this?

When Brad asked me to review his product, I jumped at the chance.  Free product and web content?  Call me interested.

I DL’d the product and went directly to the sales page just to check out the promises made.

The sales page is very nice and the testimonials are great, but does it do what it really claims to do?

I think it does. It comes with everything you will need to set up a money generating system. The system taps directly into the dating niche. Some people think the dating niche is flooded, but there is more than enough money to go around. The niche is still growing and profitable.

Personality Cash comes fully equipped with website templates and model pictures. There are hundreds of pictures of models. I was worried about not having enough variety though. Thankfully that will be addressed in future updates AND Personality Cash comes with a super easy and more importantly cheap way to get YOUR OWN model pictures. It even includes the release forms you will need.

I will report back here with my earnings in a months time – then I can compare what effort is needed to make some money.


  • great review. Just bought the package myself and was a bit sceptical. But as you say it just requires time and the law of averages will kick in.

  • hi author, do you have list of pay per click program or an advertise program that will pay us without mention our alexa rank ????

  • Not exactly sure what you are looking for...

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