Quick question…How did the world get by without Photoshop?

Just curious, because that is one kick butt piece of software.

Now, whenever anyone shows me a photo and the colors are off or there is redeye, I immediately think he is a noob. If you don’t know what noob means then you are a noob.

But lame internet slang aside, having Photoshop is great. There are a lot of programs out there that let you fix up your photos but Photoshop’s power doesn’t completely lie in that.

I could talk about how it allows you to make your own custom web site graphics – I honestly have no idea how I even attempted to make a website without Photoshop. I could talk about how it allows you to make backgrounds and buttons for your website. I would be amiss if I didn’t mention that it allows you to add great effects and filters to existing images. I could also talk about how YouTube has endless tutorials so even a novice can get great results. All of these are great, but even they miss the ultimate function of Photoshop.

Putting your friend’s heads on stuff. Boom.

That is where Photoshop excels. Now some people are wondering “why would I want to put my friends head on different things?” The answer: strictly personal amusement.

I will admit, photo-shopping my brother’s girlfriend into a tropical paradise complete with NFL star Reggie Bush was not that funny to my brother. To me though – hilarious.

You want a perfect body…Photoshop.

You want to drive a sick luxury car…Photoshop.

You want a picture of you holding a dog changed so that your body has the dog’s head and your dog has your head…Photoshop. That might only be hilarious to me though.

I guess all the real life applications of Photoshop are cool, and I am sure people out there use it to create important things. I know from browsing the YouTube tutorials and websites that Photoshop can create some very amazing things. It is a very powerful and expensive piece of software.

But honestly, is anything more important than a picture of a man with the head of a Chihuahua?

I don’t think so.

  • victoria

    ted you are such a 'nerdling'

    i miss youuuuu

  • Anonymous

    I want to see a your head on a chihuahua!

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