I wonder how many posts I have made in August – probably not as many as I have wanted to. I will know is a second when I post this though.

The tough part about writing for me is thinking of things to write about. I could sit down and fire off 500 words a day no problem. The thing is there might be thoughts or ideas that I don’t want to publish to a blog. There has to be balance – I try to keep the topic personal development related, but it isn’t always possible.

Do people want to hear me whine about going to the gym every day? How many times can I share the same little gym tricks?

I think I have to just put it out there and worry about the responses later. I am not a very controversial guy really. I have certain beliefs about certain things, whether it is law, politics, sports and etc… I may be somewhat entrenched in a lot of those beliefs, but I will always hear someone out. I won’t change my opinion unless I hear a very persuasive argument from someone, but I will at least listen.

Anyways, I was back in the gym in Shelburne today. First time in awhile actually. The gym I was using in Toronto lacked some equipment so it was my first time back doing some exercises I hadn’t done in over a week. Of course I found those exercises the most challenging. The T-Bar row is always tough on me. I think since I weigh so much and have a large stomach it hurts my breathing to lie down in the correct position. It isn’t anything insurmountable though, so I powered through it.

I feel super tired right now. I am ready to drop and go to bed. I am sure I will feel better once I eat something. My diet in Toronto was pretty atrocious so I think I will feel a lot better this week due to eating more properly. I’ll also pick up some multivitamins. I notice a significant change when I am eating better AND taking a multivitamin. The last vitamins I got weren’t even that good either. After doing some research, I have realized that my best bet would be to get a multivitamin that is actually geared towards weight lifting. I will do that my next trip out of Shelburne. This town isn’t exactly noted for its shopping choices.

No good pizza either, although I shouldn’t be eating much of that anyways. In fact nowhere in this entire county has great pizza. When I tell people this they look at me crazy because of course they have their local favourites. But they just might not know what they are missing. I guess it is a blessing in disguise because I certainly don’t find myself craving pizza from here.

I have checked my word count 3 times now. I didn’t think getting 500 words would ever be a problem, but a lot of time I find myself at something like 479 words when I am finished. I guess I could just post that up, although it isn’t 500 words, it is close enough. It would save me from pointless paragraphs like this.

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