Well the streak is over. It was fun while it lasted. The worst part is that last night at like 10 30 pm I remembered I hadn’t blogged yet, but the damage was done. I actually finished watching a TV show and went to bed.

That is why I decided to get today’s blog post out of the way. This will be my 6th post so far in December, almost at my total from the two months before.

I know it wasn’t too long ago I was posting about American politics. I guess the sad thing about that is I haven’t really talked Canadian politics much. Right now there are some pretty crazy things going on in Canada as well.

The truth of the matter – I am not too sure what is going on. I know we have had a minority government for awhile now. I also know that the opposition parties are trying to team up and take control of the government. What I don’t know is how that works or what the legality of it is.

I have heard that it is unconstitutional and that it isn’t fair, but obviously somewhere along the way a law or loophole was created that allows it. So I am able to tune out the “OH MY GOD THIS WILL TEAR CANDA APART AND IT ISNT CONSTITUTIONAL” demographic. I know that the Conservatives were voted in, but more people voted for the other three parties combined, so in my opinion, it isn’t a horrible miscarriage of justice.

I am not saying I support the attempted government overthrowing, I just don’t think it is as vile as the media has portrayed it. I will admit though, something about it does seem sort of “unfair”. I can’t put my finger on what.

I should probably be paying more attention to this, but everything I see about it is so biased. Most of what I have read as been your typical political rhetoric. I just read in a local newspaper a quote from David Tilson (local MP) who was very distressed over the Liberals and NDP joining forces with the Bloc Quebecois (or separatists as he referred to them). I can see some issues there of course, but I also remember that the Conservatives had a very cosy relationship with the Bloc, themselves before last election.

That is the type of information I try to avoid, or if not avoid read with a grain of salt. The reality is that no matter who runs this country, I will personally probably be in the same position as I am in now. Maybe that is why I haven’t been following federal politics too much in my own country. Now that I am living in a small town, it is much more likely that municipal elections will play a larger part in my day to day life.

That said, I will make a more concerted effort to pay attention to Canadian politics. Maybe someday, hopefully soon, there will be a leader of a Canadian party who I actually feel some kind of excitement about. It has been a LONG time since that happened, so I won’t hold my breath.

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