Punch Drunk

Well my time in Toronto is soon coming to an end.

Not 100% sure what the future holds for me regarding a place to live. I like Toronto a lot but there are a couple downsides. The main one being the house I would be living in is horrible for my psoriasis; it really makes it sore and itchy. The only thing I can think is it is either too dry in the house, or the cat dander in the house.

Was hoping I would have a clear decision in my mind by the end of this week but I don’t. I think if I moved back here I would have to purchase another gym membership. There is a gym at my sister’s office I can use for free, but it lacks a couple of the machines I really like. There is no military press machine and I prefer that over dumbbells. That is one of the few exercises I prefer a machine to dumbbells actually.

The swimming pool is nice, but I think the novelty would wear out quickly.

I am interested to see how I perform when I get back to the gym in Shelburne. I have tried to do as many as my normal exercises as possible so there shouldn’t be much of a drop off for me.
I am actually considering changing up my routine a bit also. I will talk to my trainer of course, but I want to incorporate more multi-muscle exercises into my routine. Things like barbell squats and deadlifts. I know both of these exercises are not fun AT ALL, but I think I am getting a little too comfortable with my usual routine.

I will probably continue until the end of this month with my current routine and then I will switch it up a bit. Actually, more than a bit, I will want to significantly change it.

I also want to get my punching bag hung up at home. I think that would be a great way to get some cardio. I really recommend a punching bag to anyone trying to get fit. It is one of the most enjoyable and stress relieving exercises there are, in my opinion anyways.

I would definitely make sure I got all the proper equipment though. Boxing gloves of course and wraps for my hands as well. I have pounded away on a punching bag before with only some small MMA gloves and my whole wrist and forearm ached for days.

I think boxing would be a great way to stay in shape. I think eventually, once I have reached a certain level of physical fitness, I will take up boxing. If I am in Toronto it is convenient because I live close by the Cabbagetown Boxing Club, which is pretty well known as a great club. If I am in Shelburne it also will not be too bad because Orangeville has a very respectable boxing club as well. I know you wouldn’t guess it, but Orangeville has been home to a number of pro and amateur boxers.

That doesn’t help me decide on my future living arrangement, but it is good to know I don’t have to give up that idea no matter where I live.

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