Quick Sports Comment Followed by a SERIOUS Issue

First off this is the second time that I have complained about the Raptor’s and then the NEXT day a major shakeup has happened.

Obviously Bryan Colangelo is a Journey of Payne follower.

The Raptors traded Jermaine Oneal and Jamario Moon to Miami, for Shawn Marion and Marcus Banks.

It is a decent trade, nothing mind blowing though. I would have been more excited had it happened a month or two ago. Marion does address Toronto’s most glaring weakness, which is the SF position. Plus getting rid of Moon is a win in itself. For a guy that can jump higher than 90% of the NBA, he was very happy to settle for poorly timed jump shots and weak layup attempts. Good riddance.

Banks is a non factor IMO. He was a throw in to make sure salaries matched I am sure.

Anyways enough sports talk, let’s talk about something really serious. I don’t take on really serious issues too often and I think that should change. So let’s get serious…

What are your thoughts on Express Lanes at the grocery store?

I for one will not get in the line if I have more than the posted limit of items. Like if I have one item extra and NO ONE is in line, I’ll go there, but besides that never. The express lane is there for a reason.

There is nothing more I hate, than when I am standing in line with 2 items and I watch some person unload 12 items when the sign clearly states 8. And YES, I am one of those nosey jerks who count the items, especially when it is MY time you are taking up.

The thing is I have never said anything; it shouldn’t be up to me to say something. The cashier needs to keep these hooligans in check. First the express lane rules are violated…what is next? How many steps are we away from anarchy and chaos?

I vow this, the next time someone wastes MY time with their 759 items in an 8 item lane I will say something. I will insist they let me ahead…if not I will then calmly begin to fire their extra items across the supermarket with Peyton Manning type power and velocity.

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