R.I.P. Michael Jackson

Wow – this came out of nowhere.

Michael Jackson dead at the age of 50 – whether it was cardiac arrest from natural causes or from some kind of narcotics overdose – I do not care. What I do know is that one of the greatest entertainers of our time has died.

I am not a person who gets choked up over celebrity passings and this time it is no different. This is pretty shocking though.

If you scroll down you can actually see I posted about Michael Jackson in January. I asked the question about how he would be remembered. I didn’t think we would be getting the answer just 5 months later.

So far I have seen a general sense of mourning and respect for him. Of course I have also seen my share of jokes about his passing. I think in general his passing is being viewed in a mournful light.

For me I find it pretty sad – the first cassette I ever owned I got from my Uncle Dwight and Aunt Jean. It was the Thriller cassette. To be quit honest the thing I most remember about it at that young age was how scared the start of Thriller made me.

There is obviously a lot of controversy about Michael Jackson but the fact is he was never convicted of any crime. Yes settling out of court is very suspicious, but so are the parents accepting these settlements and letting an alleged “child predator” walk free. I don’t care how much I needed money, if someone molested my child I would not accept any money that kept that man out of either jail or the cold clutches of my hands around his throat.

I guess I am a hopeless optimist when it comes to some things. I do truly believe Jackson was a pretty messed up guy, with a very weird view of the world. And you know what? How could he be anything but that? Child SUPERstar with a crazy family life…who would survive that and come out normal?

Well regardless of his personal life and regardless of his controversy, the man did create some amazing music and put on some amazing shows. I mean look at this 4 album stretch of his career:

  • Off The Wall
  • Thriller
  • Bad
  • Dangerous

That is a ridiculous stretch of a combination of great music and record sales. I am sure his passing will only boost those sales as well.

Well I guess there is nothing left to say – RIP Mike.

And I think this song I posted earlier in my blog is even more relevant now:

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