Rambling Man.

How do you follow up The Renewed Mind?

You don’t, you couldn’t possibly match the awesome. So that is the official reason for my hiatus. It has nothing to do with slacking off. I just had to give you all a couple days to wrap your mind around the video I posted last week.

So it snowed a couple days ago. That can mean only one thing – winter. It is easily, the worst of the seasons. I don’t ski, I can’t skate and I don’t own a snowmobile. There is officially no reason for me to actually like it. Now I have said before, in this very blog, that I don’t mind the winter.

Well I lied, I do mind it.

My feet are cold as I type this, and it pains me to know they will be cold until like May…late May.

When it comes down to it though – no bugs and allergies easily cancels out cold feet.

I guess I will save any more future whining about the winter until December. Then I will have shovelled off the deck and driveway enough times that I will be back in full whine mode.

The American election seems to be heating up. Wow, what a completely different scenario than ours. Where we had (predictably) the lowest voter turnout ever, the USA is looking like they will do the opposite.
Although we won’t really know until the Election Day, it figures to be a pretty huge voter turnout. From all the reports I have seen, the early voter turnout has been much busier than past elections.

Some pretty interesting storylines across the border though. The financial crisis probably has people more inclined to get out and vote. It is shaping up to be a very interesting early November in the US.

This is a pretty rambling blog post. I have talked about the weather and the upcoming election. It is like I am making small talk on a bad TV show.
That is what happens when you feel the pressure to get another blog post out. Well I shouldn’t say pressure, there is no real pressure, it has just been so long since I dropped one.

Thinking up things to write about is hard. I don’t want to write about the same thing day in and day out. I guess I will have to start living a more exciting life. I should take up bounty hunting or swashbuckling. Tough decision though. The ladies love pirates, but bounty hunters can get away with having a mullet. It is pretty much a toss-up.

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