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Blog Topic Generator is a cool little site where you can pick a category and get suggestions for blog post ideas.  I used it a couple times and it never came up with anything I could really fire out a whole post on.  It once said I should write about “hetrophony”.  I don’t even know what that is.

What I am gonna do now is set the category to personal and hit it 5 times.  I will write a blurb about each suggestion no matter what it is:

Using Public Restrooms

I will assume this means number two, because being a guy I have no qualms about taking “a wicked yes” anywhere.

Now this is a double edged sword.  I used to use the Go Bus quite a bit and I found the public bathrooms in York Mills food court to be outstanding.  Cleaner than some of my friends bathrooms that is for sure.  On the other hand, I have had to rush into the Yonge/Bloor Subway restrooms before.  I rushed back out as quick as I had rushed in.  I would never use those in my life.

So it clearly depends on your environment if they are usable or not.  On another note I remember when I was like 16-19 I would hate to use them because I was embarrassed about any possible noises I made.  I would wait for someone to flush or use the hand dryer before I unleashed.  I am totally over that now though.  Going to the bathroom isn’t always a quiet affair.

Bad Hair Days

How about a bad hair life?  That is what I was blessed with.  I can’t totally complain though because I still have a full head of hair, my other friends – not so lucky.

I am not too worried about bad hair days though honestly.  Nothing a little (or a lot) of mousse won’t fix.  Worst case scenario – throw a hat on.  Bad hair days can often lead to good hat days.

Going To The Movies Alone

I have never did this.  I am not morally opposed to it though.  When I was younger I definitely thought it was soooo embarrassing though – as I got older – who cares?  I watch movies alone at home all the time.  Is there really a difference?

I think I have mellowed out about how embarrassing it would be because I have a weird taste in movies that not many of my friends share.  I couldn’t find one friend willing to go check out Pan’s Labyrinth with me.  I should have went alone to that – and I think next time I really want to see a movie and my friends won’t go – I will do it and test the waters.

Getting Up In The Morning

This used to be the worst thing ever for me.  I was NOT a morning person, in fact I hated it so much I worked a ton of midnight shifts when I got to working age.  I’d rather stay up all night instead of getting up early.

That has definitely changed though.  I don’t mind getting up early anymore.  I usually get up early enough to go to the gym for about an hour BEFORE work.  I couldn’t of fathomed doing that at 21.  I also hate sleeping in now, even on weekends. If I sleep into the double digits, it bothers me for the rest of the day.

Naming A Child

I like the classics – the good ol’ reliable names.  I also like to see parents be creative and name their children something slightly creative.  When I say slightly – I mean names like Zoe, Marika, Hudson…original names (well maybe Zoe is over done now).  Even though they are original, they are still..names.

Naming your kids after inanimate objects, brand names or just whimsical crap like a random number is lame. I guess if you are a rich celeb and you are sending your kids to private schools with other weirdly named children – then cool.  However, if your kid is hitting the playgrounds of public school – a name like “Rainbow” isn’t going to make him any more popular.

I also think people from other cultures/backgrounds who keep their children’s names traditional to their culture are cool.  I worked in an inner city school and I remember a couple of the teachers (all white and Canadian) complaining about having to pronounce Tamil, Chinese and Russian names.  I say screw that – I found it very interesting to hear traditional names from places like that- and had no problem pronouncing them after a day or two.

I also had a friend named Temwachi and when I first met her at work she told everyone her name was Grace because she was used to people calling her that (middle name) because they couldn’t pronounce Temwachi.  I called BS on that – if they are your friends they will learn.

Also if the NFl has taught us anything it is that just andomly putting La or Le in front of a name does not make it sound more sophisticated.  LeCharleys Bentley could esily have just been called Charles.

Welp, there goes that experiment.  It was actually easy to write a blog post like this – I will have to look into these blog topic generators and see which is the best one. The one I mentioned above, actually repeated once in the 5 times I pushed it.  Gotta be a better one out there – anyone know of one?

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