Rappers to Keep an Eye on in 2012 – ASAP Rocky

I be that pretty motherfucker…

I think ASAP could/should have been on the 2011 list, as he is getting a lot of buzz already.  That said, I think it could be a a BIG 2012 for ASAP.

ASAP Rocky has a really unique sound – well it isn’t unheard of – but he reps Harlem but his music has a definite Houston based feel to it.  Not only Houston influenced though, ASAP also showcases some MidWest leanings, with a a Bone Thugs-esque flow on some songs.

I think what ASAP is, is a kid who grew up in the internet age.  He was influenced by all the “coasts” because he had equal access to the music.

Some NY heads don’t like it because they think he isn’t “repping NY” properly.  Well that may be true, but he is putting out some fire music.  If the music is hot, I will let other people worry about who and what he reps.

The above video was his breakout hit from last year….I wonder what 2012 holds for ASAP.

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