Rappers To Keep an Eye on in 2012 – LG

LG is a young rapper out of New Orleans.  The video above is from his EP Cinco.  As you can see he is still young and raw, but the potential is certainly there.  He spits slick raps, that sound genuine.  He also seemingly has a great ear for music, because that is a great soulful beat.

I think one of the mos unique things about him is that he is from new Orleans, but you would never have guessed it from the way he raps and the sound of the music.  He wants to be more of a Southern Nas, than a Soulja Slim.

Regardless of who he wants to be, his EP Cinco, and this year’s mixtape Synth Sounds (which has an entirely different feel to it, and showcases LG’s versatility) are definitely worth tracking down if you enjoyed the above video.

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