Rappers to Keep an Eye on in 2012 – Stalley

Well it is only natural, I include Stalley here.  I mean, after all, I have added like 3 or 4 of his songs to my songs of the year list.

Stalley dropped a great mixtape “Lincoln Nights” last year, that really didn’t get a lot of praise.  I think it was too laid back for people, and Stalley was said to kind of disappear on the tracks.   I disagree – I liked the tape.

So did Rick Ross – and it actually lead to Stalley getting signed to Maybach Music.  This is a track originally on the album, that he remixed with Rick Ross once he signed.

Stalley has seemed to really take his rapping up a notch this year.  Tracks like Harsh Ave, BCGMMG and City of 30,000 Wolves all showcase Stalley at his best.  Great ear for beats, and a smooth flow with introspective lyrics.  I think 2012 could be a good year for him.

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