Reflection Eternal – Revolutions Per Minute Review

I loved the first Reflection Eternal album – it got a ton of play from me.  I have been eagerly anticipating another Talib and Hi-Tek collabo – and I finally got my wish.

Reflection Eternal – Revolutions Per Minute is about to drop. Been a crazy time for rap right now – a lot of stuff dropping.  The Krit album was my album of the year. A great Scarface album dropped I haven’t been able to listen too. Nas and Damien Marley album came out as well.  I haven’t even been able to find a second to download Jeezy’s latest mixtape which I heard was great.  Some dude Blacastan had an underrated release I still haven’t heard 🙁

Now Reflection Eternal returns.

Lets take a quick look at it!  Remember this is not a review – it is a glance.  My opinions may change over repeated listens.  Plus this is an early version of the retail – the track listing may be slightly different.

1.RPM’s – Just an intro track…a guy talking over a pretty smooth sounding Hi Tek beat…hope Talib spits over this later.

2. City Playgrounds – Pretty sparse beat, but definitely a head nodder.  Some cool keyboards.  Talib sounds good so far.  Real smooth beat.

3. Back Again – At the first I wasn’t sure I would like this song…but the vocal sample adds a lot to it.  Again a sparse beat – Hi-Tek is happy to let the original African drumming take center stage.

4. Strangers – Talib is spitting on this – sometimes I don’t like him that much when he is on that double time speed – but he sounds good here.  The beats is growing on me a lot.  Who Bun B is riding this beat, sounding more like old Bun.  Remember back in the Riding Dirty days when Bun B was the fucking best?

5. In This World – Hi-Tek loved him some Rza you can just tell – although his beats aren’t that similar his handling of vocal samples is similar.  So far I have noticed Hi-Tek is keeping the beat during the verse kind of sparse, but then with a rich chorus.  Good way to showcase Talib’s rapping.

6. Got Work – This got a kind of spacey feel to it.  I didn’t like that robot like voice on the start – hope that isn’t the hook….oh it is the hook…yikes.

7. Midnight Hour – The start of this song made me mad.  Like the very start  of it just struck me as corny and I got mad.  Yeah ya know what – I can see some people liking this.  Not my cup of tea.

8. Lifting Off – A bong hit sample…lol I dunno kind of corny at this point isn’t it?  Real cool beat though – I like this style of production.  Laid back, beat sounds like it sparkles almost – I don’t know if that makes sense or not.  You can imagine what the song is about from the title and opening sample.

9. In The Red – Uhhh yeah I can def get into this.  This is a real cool beat.  This is the type of beat that will get stuck in my head for a long time.

10. Black Gold Intro – Just an intro to next song

11. Ballad Of The Black Gold – Hi Tek is showing off on some of these songs – this is another interesting beat.  Almost has an Asian feel to it. Talib keeping it political – he sounds great on this beat – anyone would though.

12. Just Begun – One of the best songs I have heard in awhile.  I have heard this before and I love this song.  What an awesome line up.  Talib and Mos both kill this – great verses.  I like Jay Electronica’s even more – but J Cole takes verse of the song for me.  J Cole is a PROBLEM.  That dude  is gonna be talked about a lot more by the end of this year.

13. Long Hot Summer – This beat doesn’t say summer to me.  I dunno what it is.  Solid beat though and Talib is telling an interesting story.  Maybe not my fav track but I will not skip it on repeated listens.

14. Get Loose – Chester French on this so I am worried.  They actually sounds pretty cool on here though.  Wow nice surprise, Hi-Tek really weaves Chester French into the beat well.  Hook isn’t great – but it doesn’t ruin the song at all – kind of catchy even.

15. So Good – This probably sounds good on a good system – sounds like the lows are nice on this.  This is OK – I think it will get stale to me.  Another hook I don’t really like.

16. Ends – Bilal on this and Bilal is that dude so good sign.  This is another incredible beat IMO.  Overall one of my fav songs on the first glance.

17. My Life – I thought this would be a non rapping outro – but no great beat AGAIN.  Man this is just proof that working with ONE producer is the way to go for MCs. Great outro.

Seems like a solid release on a first glance.  I don’t have a ton of time to dedicate to it right now, but when I do it will all come down to Talib on the mic.  The firswt glance makes me believe the production (for the most part) is on point, so if Talib raps to the best of his ability – should be a sick album.

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