Remember WC?

Do you guys remember WC?  He is a west coast rapper with a pretty great flow.  He is probably best known as one third of Westside Connection.  Dude was one of my favorites growing up.  Remember that whole West Coast phase?  The clothes?  The C-Walk? etc…  Man, how the mighty have fallen.  The West has kind of been in a rap recession for awhile now.

I will point out that currently the Bay Area is putting out some great music, but much like the Hunstville Alabama scene it is embraced locally and via the internet mostly. Check out the Young Gully album dedicated to Oscar grant for a taste of what the Bay has to offer today.

Anyways, I remembered this video from last year. It is WC just spitting for 5 minutes – no hooks or anything.  Just a classic sounding West Coast beat and Dub-C doing his thing.  This is exactly why I used to love this guy…

  • jesse

    westside hey nyc dude here and big fan of the barrucuda can someone out there tell me where i can get some w.c. t shirts like guilty or ghetto heisman or anything thanks

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