Renewing My Mind

I think one of the hardest things for a musical artist to achieve is bridging the gap between commercial success and a thought provoking message.

It isn’t easy to appease the masses while spreading your message.

It takes a mix of incredible artistry, a catchy head nodding beat and of course the thought provoking lyrics. It doesn’t hurt if you can dance to it either.

I think that I have found a video that can put a check mark beside any of those requirements. You have probably seen this video before. It has been a viral hit for awhile now. I am not breaking any new ground here. If you haven’t seen it then count yourself lucky. This vid is rapidly disappearing from the net, so I don’t even know how long it will last on my blog.

Take a look at the culmination of great artistry and positive message. Take the time to “Renew Your Mind”. Pay attention to the 1:54 mark.

the renewed mind

Is your mind renewed? Or is it simply BLOWN?

On an honest note, this is one of the funniest videos I have watched in awhile. I have shown it to some people and they didn’t even crack a smile. To me it is one of the funniest viral vids to hit the net recently.

I am not sure about the back story on it. The only thing I know is it is ridiculous. But even with it being so over the top and ridiculous the song still gets stuck in my head. And say what you will about the weird looking dude in the middle, he does kind of kill his solo dance routine.

I find it weird that the people who made this vid (The Way International) have been so quick to try and get it off the net. I know a lot of people are making fun on what appears to be their serious attempt at entertainment. I think that might make them want to get rid of it, but I wonder how many hits their website got after the vid starting getting popular. It even made a couple appearances on national TV in the US.

I guess they weighed the value of lots of exposure compared to the embarrassment of their video becoming a national joke. Oh well, as long as I can renew my mind with this id on the net, I’m happy.

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