Rick Ross – Rich Forever [REVIEW]

Officer Rawse is back

Rick Ross dropped his latest mixtape last night: Rich Forever.

Once again – he delivers.

It is really easy to want to hate Ross.  He showed up out of nowhere talking about the Real Noreaga and it looked like he was a one hit wonder in the making.  I thought Hustlin’ would be to Ross, like Neva Scared was to Bonecrusher.

I was wrong.

Ricky Ross survived the potential one hit wonder, he survived being exposed as a jail guard, survived albums being held up, he truly is the Teflon Don.  Nothing sticks to him!


Because he drops that fire.  Once again he puts out a really good album/mixtape.  You could make an argument that he just chooses hot beats to rap over.  That is half the battle sometimes – ask Nas how hard that is to do.  Ask Lupe how hard that is to do.

Would anyone argue that Ross is a better rapper than Nas or Lupe – no.  BUT you can make an argument that he currently makes better music.  In fact, fuck an argument, that is an unadulterated TRUTH.

Rich Forever is another great release from Ross.   He may not be a “lyrical miracle” type of dude but he has great mic presence and the Rick Ross “Grunt” is classic.  Ungh.

You already know what Ross is going to rap about – but hey he does it well and over banging production!  What more is to be said.

Some of my fav cuts:

Holy Ghost – The opening track has a dark Lugerish beat, and features Diddy but luckily he sticks to randomly talking shit.

Rich Forever – Ross gets a bit introspective on this one.  Great beat and decent hook from John Legend.

MMG The World Is Ours – This is a great laid back beat.  Maybe my favorite on the album.  I like all the feature verses too – thankfully he left Wale off this :).  Pharrell kills his verse (been killing verses on the low for a minute now), Meek MIll and Stalley also sound great.   I like Stalley but he can sometimes be lost on big beats, this is perfect for him.

Stay Schemin’ – I like this a lot.  I just wish French Montana wasn’t on it.   Nice to see Drake go at Common on this.   I wish he would have named names, but it is still clear he is answering back at Common for Common’s diss (which came out of nowhere, and is clearly to build some excitement for Common’s latest album)

To sum it up:

Rawse Did It Again.  Ungh.

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