Rick Ross – Teflon Don Review

Alright…I’m gonna do it.  I am gonna review the new Rick Ross joint.  You can say what you will about the man, but he has made some good music.  You have to be insane not to have enjoyed Hustlin’.

That said we know he is a fraud.  But then again who cares?  I don’t believe 75% of the shit rappers say anyways.  They all seem to be acting a role.  So big deal, dude was a CO.  I can’t take him seriously…but who can you take at their word in rap?  I agree he is fake…but if he can make good music I will ignore that.  That Free Mason song with Jay was SICK, so I gotta give this a chance.  Officer Ricky has always got good beat selection.  He also has some very interesting guests.

We are about to find out…This is an early leak and the track listing is subject to change.  Once again my very first spin of this so yeah the focus will be on beats and how it sounds to my ears.  Deal with it.  I might change my mind late, but these are my first thoughts.

1. Im Not A Star:
Hmm nice opening track..typical Justice League production. Hard as hell and Ross goes in.  He is no great rapper but he sounds good over this track.  This is instantly going on my gym playlist.

2. Free Mason feat. Jay-Z:
Wow, this is INCREDIBLE.  I think I got chills although maybe it was the breeze.  Amazing beat really smooth.  WHOA JAY GOES IN!  Best Jay verse in a minute! He addresses all the weirdos claiming he is part of The New World Order. “Bitch I Said I was A-mazing, not that Im a mason” HOV!

3. Tears of Joy feat. Cee Lo:
Noet to Capone and Noreaga…this is how you start a track if you want some talking.  Get someone who can really talk and sample them.  Cee Lo getting his Marvin Gaye on in the background. Gretzky shout out!  Another good track..Ross is just OK on it but production is great and Cee Lo sounds awesome.

4. Maybach Music III (Feat. T.I., Jadakiss & Erykah Badu): Look at the guests – this can’t be bad…it can’t be!  TI kicks it off over a smooooooth beat.  This is that summertime music.  The beat is a bit off to me though…it is a bit erratic.  It really fits Erykah though.  She sounds great – as usual.  A more traditional beat would have been better to me, but this has a LOT of potential to grow on me on some good speakers and repeated listens. NOTE: Already grown on me LOL

5. Live Fast, Die Young (feat. Kanye West):
Another kind of unique beat…Ross is not scared of experimenting.  It kind of works though.  Obviously a Kanye beat.  I dunno this song could go either way – it could grow on me and become a fav, but just as easily it could be the first track I hit skip on.  Nice to hear Kanye actually rapping though.

6. Super High (feat. Ne-Yo): Yeah, pretty smooth!  This is real laid back but groovy as hell.  Reminds me of something that would have fit on Jay’s American Gangster.  Throwback vibe for sure, especially with Ne-Yo.  I am not usually a fan but he sounds good on this.  Stand out track.

7. No. 1 (feat. Trey Songz & Diddy): Well the guest list scares the hell outta me. Two guys I don’t care for at all.  I am not feeling this.  Beat just doesn’t fit with album so far at all.  Diddy blows as well.

8. MC Hammer (feat. Gucci Mane):
Not a Gucci fan either…uh oh LOL.  At least this has a decent beat – good gym music again.  Not one of my favorite tracks though.  Gucci is not my style at all – dude has a lot of fans though so good for him.

9. B.M.F. (Blowin’ Money Fast) (feat. Styles P):
This almost feels like a continuation of the last song.  I think I like it a bit more – but again not one of my favorites.  Goes hard and will make a another nice gym song.  I’d much rather hear Styles P than Gucci so that is a bonus as well.

10. Aston Martin Music (feat. Drake & Chrisette Michele): This fits the vibe of the start of the album more.  I like Chrisette and she sounds good here.  Really laid back back – pretty radio friendly I would think.  I dunno why Drake was even on this.  I would have much rather heard a verse…Chrisette had the hook held down..so why even add Drake? I guess Drake appearance will add some sales.  I would have gotten a verse, but that’s me.

11. All The Money In The World (feat. Raphael Saadiq):
Big Raphael fan so high hopes!  Another beat that fits the vibe here IMO.  I definitely like it.  Sounds real familiar though.  Don’t ever need to hear Officer Ricky sing ever again though.  Especially back and forth with Raphael LOL.  Raphael KILLS his part of the song though.  Great fit to the beat.  Not a bad way to end the album at all.


I didn’t have high hopes for this but it turned out pretty good.  I might get annoyed listening to Ross’ crime stories when I have time to pay attention – but after a general listen it is pretty good.

A bit of a rough stretch in the middle when it gets generic and bogged down with lousy guests – but it rides out with a couple nice tracks to close.

At the very least this is way better than I thought it would be.  Definitely gonna give it a couple more listens and I might even end up enjoying it more.  Free Mason is one of the songs of the year too. HOV!

Below is the tracklisting for Teflon Don:

1. I’m Not A Star [Prod. by J.U.S.T.I.C.E. League]
2. Free Mason (feat. Jay-Z) [Prod. by The Inkredibles]
3. Tears Of Joy (feat. Cee-Lo Green) [Prod. by No I.D.]
4. Maybach Music III (Feat. T.I., Jadakiss & Erykah Badu) [Prod. by J.U.S.T.I.C.E. League]
5. Live Fast, Die Young (feat. Kanye West) [Prod. by Kanye West & No I.D.]
6. Super High (feat. Ne-Yo) [Prod. by Clark Kent & The Remedy]
7. No. 1 (feat. Trey Songz & Diddy) [Prod. by Sean C & LV]
8. MC Hammer (feat. Gucci Mane) [Prod. by Lex Luger]
9. B.M.F. (Blowin’ Money Fast) (feat. Styles P) [Prod. by Lex Luger]
10. Aston Martin Music (feat. Drake & Chrisette Michele) [Prod. by J.U.S.T.I.C.E. League]
11. All The Money In The World (feat. Raphael Saadiq) [Prod. by The Olympicks]

Also HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my friend Linder! She is a 10 out of 5 :p

  • Maybach Music 3 and The Kanye joint have already grew on me immensely. Outside of a couple songs this is a pretty fire album.

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