Roach Gigz – Syrup Thighs (VIDEO)

Roach Gigz is a dude I slept on for a long time.  In fact I slept on the whole Bay area scene.  I wasn’t feeling the Hyphy movement, so didn’t realize the great sound that is now coming from there.  Young Gully got me hooked with his Oscar Grant tribute mixtape and his fiyah track: Cry.  Youtube that.

I finally downloaded the Roach Gigz mixtapes (Roachy Balboa 1/2) and this dude can spit.  I think he is an Italian dude actually.  Has a reeeeeally unique flow.  He also spits over non traditional beats.  It is kind of like a traditional beat meets hyphy almost. I first noticed him on his track Pop Off that is SICK.  This newest video: Syrup Thighs is off of Roachy Balboa 2 and I think it is fresh out.  The beat almost reminds me of some 90’s RnB but layered with that Hyphy bass out of the Bay.  Dude has some great charisma too, and some funny bars.  Also a cool concept behind this track. Definitely worth a look:

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