Well my September goal for blog posts was missed pretty fairly. This is like what my tenth or 11th post this month? Let’s look back at my brave prediction:

Posted on Sept 4th:

I am still hoping to get my most posts in one month this month. I should be able to slaughter my record high of, what, like 16?
Anyways, I am hoping to get into the mid 20’s this month.

Not even close. I am not going to worry about it too much though. I will not go and make a brave prediction this month, I will let my post count talk for itself.

I am not too worried about my posts dropping because I hit some other goals in September. Justin and I got the new Success Coach site up – it still isn’t perfect but we think it is a BIG improvement. We definitely put a lot of time into it.

I also reached a goal at the gym, I wanted to be able to do a bench press with a full plate on each side of the bar. Not for any reason in particular, it was just in my head that it looks a lot better if I am benching at least one full plate, as opposed to a couple smaller ones. I was able to do the full plates kind of easily as well. Well not easy but I put them up a good 8 times. Sad to say but that is definitely my highest bench press so far (135lbs). Not the highest total but I can DEFINITLY lift more, since I was able to throw that up so easily.

The new routine is going well; I definitely feel the extra cardio. I think once we get the cardio really going at the end of the routine I will be REALLY feeling it.

So October 1st! This year has been flying by. I know it is clichéd but it is so true, the older you get the quicker the years fly by. I am sure if I look back at everything accomplished this year it would be a nice surprise though. It might be better for people to think of years more in terms of accomplishments than just time. They might not seem to fly by so fast when you realize everything you have done or went through.

I really would not be surprised to see some snow soon. It is getting very cold and it is just a matter of time. I am going to predict that NO WAY does this winter touch alt winter in terms of precipitation. Last winter was ridiculous, felt like a blizzard every other day. The wind was brutal as well.

I like snowstorms when I am nice and cozy inside, but I hate if anyone I know is driving in it, it stays on my mind. I actually don’t hate shovelling it, as long as it isn’t icy or really heavy. It is a great work out! The cold doesn’t bother me too much if I am really actively shovelling either. Of course if I have to do it at 6am to get somewhere – then it isn’t the most enjoyable thing.
Not to mention, a top ten most angering moment is when you are done shovelling and the town’s snowplough fills the bottom of your driveway back in.

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