Ron Artest Championship Interview


It has happened – one of the greatest humans ever has reached the pinnacle of his sport.  The legendary Ron Artest won a title with the LA Lakers.  This guy hasn’t left LA since the Lakers ousted his Houston Rockets last year.  He promised Kobe he was gonna win a title with him…AFTER Lakers had beat them and WHILE Kobe was in the shower!  Yes, he actually walked into Kobe’s shower.

Here is Artest’s post championship interview. This is why I love the guy – pure honesty…no cliche bullshit robotic responses.  Dude loves playing basketball and he is genuinely moved by winning the championship.  There is no “ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE” one moment like Garnett got paid to scream when he won the championship….but this was good ol fashion genuine elation.  Artest seems like a kid who just got a new XBox at Christmas.

LMAO @ him saying “I would go back to the gym right now, if there wasn’t a club open…”   Also his surprise at Kobe passing him the ball when he hit his three to tie the game late is funny.

So refreshing to see someone act human in a sports interview.

I don’t think I can embed it but Artest has a pretty funny run in with TMZ after winning the championship: HERE
I think it is pretty awesome dude stayed in full uniform to go to dinner with his family!  Just proves how genuinely excited he really is.  Also love his response when they asked him if he was going to Disneyland: “I’d rather go to Compton”

  • I think it's great that the Lakers have Ron Artest now. He recently said that he only moved to L.A. because of In-N-Out Burger hahahaa

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