Roots: How I Got Over Review

Relatively unpromoted and seemingly out of nowhere the Roots are dropping there next album: How I Got Over.

What can you say about the Roots that hasn’t been said?  Amazing live show, consistently great and Black Thought is one of the most underrated MCs in the game.  He is close to being on my personal top ten.

I haven’t loved everything Roots have done lately (although their instro tribute to Dilla is great work music) but I am still looking forward to this album.  Lets check it out for the first time.

Shouldn’t have to always say this but this is my first listen of the album.  Sure my ratings on songs will change – and if I didn’t love your favorite – chill out, give me time.  If I miss some metaphor or deeper meaning – trust me I will catch it on a later listen.  These are my first thoughts.

Before I start – a lot of guests on this – the regulars like Dice Raw, John  Legend and Peedi of course.  A ton of other people too – a bit worriesome…but lets find out

1. A Peace of Ligh
t – Very cool intro – you know instantly this is a Roots album. Great lives instruments with some cleverly used vocals makes for a nice Jazzy intro.

2. Walk Alone
– Loving the piano on this already – kind of a hard beat.  Great drums on this…live drums can add a lot – I mean a snare actually sounds like a snare.  A couple cats I don’t know on this track along with Thought and Dice Raw – no one really stood out besides Thought – but no one ruined it.  Good first track.

3. Dear God 2.0
– I’m guess dude singing at start is from Monsters of Folk (awesome name btw)…he has a Chris Martin thing going on.  Cool start…when Black Thought starts rapping and the beat drops – this turns great!

4. Radio Daze
– This beat reminds me a lot of the second song…I actually had to look at itunes for a second.  Cool beat – typical Roots if you like the live instrument, jazzy, funky feel – you’ll like this.  Blu kicks it off – this dude can SPIT period.  Look up his work with Exile.

5. Now Or Never – This reminds me of a Sade beat to start for some reason.  Is that Phonte singing the hook?  This song is definitly cool – it doesn’t jump out at me – but I can’t see myself ever skipping it.

6. How I Got Over
– Some nice drums on this to start.  Good throwback singing on the start as well.  Typical Roots really – I mean they do what they do better than anyone.  This is their sound – and they sound good.  I know some people find Black Thought boring – sorry I don’t see it – dude consistently spits great bars.

7. DillaTude – I usually hate skits – but I loved the Dilla tribute Roots did – this is cool – just the sound of the beat makes you think of Dilla right away.

8. The Day
– I guess this is Patty Crash singing at the start?  I hadn’t heard her before – she has a cool voice though, very interesting.  She fits the beat nicely – and so does Blu who raps first – y’all know how I feel about him.

9. Right On
– This is a bit different than the rest of the album so far – its actually a little jarring at first but then it settles into a nice change of pace.  Some nice scratching in the background of the beat.  This is really smooth – this is great.  Might be my fav track thus far.

10. Doin It Again – Starts off with a great John Legend sample – one of my favourite John Legend tracks actually.  The drums really transform the sample – adds head nodding aspect.  Black Thought sounds great on this – I dunno why the hell people think this guy is boring.  That burns me.

11. The Fire – Now some live John Legend – I was expecting a more laid back beat when I saw his name – but this goes hard (for A Roots track that is).  This hook is pumping me up LOL

12. Tunnel Vision
– Cool little interlude – its that feel good music 🙂

13. Web 20/20
– I was waiting for Peedi Crack – say what you will about him but he is usually great on Roots tracks.  This beat is weird though.  This is why I always warn people this is my first listen – this isn’t a song I will like instantly…it might grow on me though.

14. Hustla (bonus) – I can’t be sure but I think these dudes got a beat made out of autotuned babies…No for real. Again maybe a song that will grow on me – not instantly a fav…but even by the end of the song it is growing on me.  Lets wait and see on this one.

Overall, another solid performance from The Roots.  Another solid performance from rap in General lately.  I have liked everything dropping recently.
Anyways, you can usually count on the Roots and in most instances they deliver – this is one of those times.  Black Thought again sounds great – and no matter where the music goes with the Roots (they do like to experiment, sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t) you can always count on Black Thought to be great.

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