It has been a day or two since I last posted. I guess that kind of defeats the purpose of 500 words a day.

I survived my bus trip to Toronto, and have just been getting myself settled. The computer room at this house is scathingly hot during the day, so I haven’t had much face time with the computer.

I am not making any excuses about my lack of “blogging”, I just need something to write about.

My first night in Toronto was pretty marred though. I got a call from my brother shortly after I arrived. Our family dog had a heart attack and was in rough shape. By the morning it has passed away. I am not going to lie, that one stung a bit. It was also a little weird because I had just been consoling a friend who lost her dog the day before.

I think she was about 12 years old, so we knew it was coming. It is still kind of a shock though, and it made me pretty sad. I can look at it logically though, dogs have short life spans, she was old, so it was “her time”. I have also been through some much worse situations over the past couple years, so I was able to stay pretty calm. A tear or two was shed though.

She was a Chihuahua that we rescued. I used the term rescue loosely because her owners advertised to give her away. They admittedly did not take good care of her. She was caged 24 hours a day, just allowed out to go to the bathroom occasionally. She also showed signs of abuse. You think that she would instantly embrace her saviours.


She hated me for probably a good year. She would bite me, bark incessantly and could not stand to be near me. Eventually I won her over though. She pretty much only liked our family. There were a handful of people besides our immediate family that she could stand. Everyone else was greeted with loud and repeated barking. If she got the chance and you turned your back to her she would also bite you.

She was fiercely protective as well; even a joking punch in the shoulder to the person holding her was grounds for a full scale Chihuahua attack. These attacks usually consisted of a repeated biting to the calf, followed by a swift retreat.

It was kind of weird how mean she was to everyone but with our family she was such a big suck. I have argued that it was kind of neat to have a dog that only liked us. In retrospect it is much more enjoyable to have a dog that loves everyone. Much more enjoyable AND much easier on the ears.

I wish I was around when she passed, would have liked to see her one last time, but I have enough great memories to tide me over. Rest in peace Rosie. Hopefully you are surrounded by ankles to bite, pepperoni sticks and a blanket to dig on.

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