Roy Halladay Toronto Sun Ad

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Roy Halladay – what more can you say? (there is the start of a rap song, you can use that Drake)

Best Jay ever in my opinion (rentaplayers like Clemens and Molitor don’t count) and one of the classiest guy in all of sports.  He deserves to win and Toronto never gave him that shot, I will be pulling for Philly for sure this year.

Today he took out a full page ad in the Toronto Sun to thank his fans:

Roy Halladay Toronto Sun Ad

Roy Halladay Toronto Sun Ad

The Man The Myth The Legend


    I hope the Phillies come to Toronto this year so he can get the standing ovation he deserves. In fact, I will be in line buying tix to that game if he does in fact play in TO this year.

  • Dear Roy : I am truly touched that you would take the time to thank the fans here. I am still heart broken that you will not be a Jay any more. I know they got some young talent for you, but they had the chance to build a winner with you so i am not very optomistic about where the team is headed, my best bet is down the tubes. I would like to thank you for everything you did as a jay both on and off the feild, you are a good man. Good luck to you as a Philly, i hope you will win a world series my friend. The Phillies are very fortunate to have you, the best pitcher in all of baseball. Go get em Roy, time to realize your dream.Go Phillies Go.

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