Royce The 5’9 – Bar Exam 3 Review



Royce Da 5’9 is one of the best doing it these days.  His Bar Exam mixtapes are always fire….finally Bar Exam 3 has hit the internets.

Royce has a great ability to combine humour and rage with a sprinkling of alcoholism into his rhymes.  I have eagerly awaited this release.  This first glimpse will just be my first time listening to it – my opinion will change – so don’t get too upset if I hate you favorite song.

I am not going to break this down song by song – its a mixtape so I will just break down my general feelings.

General Feeling #1 – Royce is a BEAST.  Top 5 Alive!

General Feeling #2 – Shut the fuck up up Whoo Kid.  No mixtape in the history of music has ever benefited from annoying DJ drops.  And before the Whoo Kid fanboys cry…Royce is releasing this without the DJ Drops because the fans have spoken!

General Feeling #3 – This is a good mixtape.


The Most Interesting Man – Bombs over Baghdad beat – perfect canvas for Royce’s flow.

Airplanes (freestyle) – Pretty much the complete opposite of above song.  Royce sounds great over this laid back beat as well.

Beamer, Benz or Bentley – Slaughterhouses take on this song – they kill it. Budden slays it.  They all come nice though.

I Hate Your Pants – LMAO Royce singing is usually hilarious – this is no different.

Forever – Royce does some justice to the beat – hard to hear anyone besides Em over this but Royce does his thing.

Vagina – LMAO  Dude actually samples Jon Lajoie’s E-MC Vagina.  Classic.

Spark Your Brain – He samples the chocolate rain piano here LOL  Works well though.

Another nice Bar Exam, I still think my favorite is number 2, but this is cool.  Royce continues to drop fire.  Some genuinely hilarious parts on this as well.

  • Juice_2121

    i agree royce is top 5 alive. great mixtape, he just gets better and better everytime he releases new material. Can't wait for his callabos with Em!!!

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