Saigon: The Greatest Story Never Told (REVIEW)


Well lets be honest, this album is about 5 years too late.

This has to be the album I most anticipated about half a decade ago.  I told all my friends they had to hear Saigon.  I was saying he was the next big thing.  I played Favorite Things, Breathe Thru The Years and True Story for like everyone of my friends.  If I had a blog back then instead of the G-Side, Big KRIT and OWFGKTA posts I make it would have been the fucking Saigon show.

I know for a damn fact, that I wasn’t the only one.  I remember having a mix on my ipod, took it to a small ass hick town in middle of nowhere.  I was listening to it in the car, it was full of dope shit, but the girls I was with only noticed two tracks – the two Saigon tracks.  I thought, bam, there it is.  Ladies actually BUY music, Saigon has got it made.

Then I heard him and Just Blaze – who is one of my fav producers – were making an album.  In my mind there was no way it wasn’t a potential hip-hop classic.  That was YEARS ago tho…an Entourage guest spot, label politics and about 5 years later the album finally drops.

Saigon – The Greatest Story Never Told
drops today.  The title is pretty  apropos considering we almost never heard this.

Was it worth the wait?

I think so.  I am really feeling this album.  It isn’t as “hard”as I expected it to be but in general it is solid from start to finish.  17 tracks and there isn’t one I hate. I am not sure there are any songs that make me feel like True Story did when I first heard it, but the album is pretty much fire front to back.

Just Blaze handles all of the production duties, and that makes for a cohesive, soulful sounding album.  I have heard people online call it soft, but I dunno if that is fair. It isn’t a real hard album, but it is more soulful than soft iMO.  Like, if you are talking about soft – then the song with Faith Evans: Clap, would fit that category.  The track is so dope and soulful though, that I can’t just discount it as soft.

The production at times might come off a little dated, but that is only to be expected.  That said it is still dope, and the throwback sound isn’t something that bothers me.

Saigon’s rapping is also on point.  I think anyone who is sick of trap rap, “swag”, or rapping about how rich you are, will appreciate this album.  Saigon does a great job of marrying the street raps with a socially conscious feel.  I think that aspect of rap has been missing lately IMO.  So it is nice to hear that, even though you have to consider the raps were written awhile ago. He also essentially holds the album down himself.  The guest spots are mostly hooks.

If you are a Saigon fan then this is a must buy IMO.  If you aren’t a Saigon fan, this is a great start to learn about him  If you enjoy soulful beats, and slick rhymes with a bit of substance – then this will be worth your money.

Check it out!

Stand Out Tracks:

  • Clap feat. Faith Evans
  • Enemies
  • Come on Baby feat. Jigga


01- Station Identification [02:43] (Intro) Feat Fatman Scoop
02- The Invitation Feat Q Tip [04:36]
03- Come on Baby Feat Swizz Beatz and Jay Z [03:44]
04- War [01:59]
05- Bring Me Down Pt 2 [04:47]
06- Enemies [03:41]
07- Friends [01:50]
08- The Greatest Story Never Told [04:00]
09- Clap Feat Faith Evans [06:30]
10- Preacher [04:22]
11- Its Alright Feat Marsha Ambrosius [06:00]
12- Believe it [06:01]
13- Give it to Me Feat Raheem Devaugn [05:17]
14- What the Lovers Do Feat Devin the Dude [04:15]
15- Better Way Feat Layzie Bone [04:30]
16- Oh Yeah [04:14]
17- And the Winner is Feat Bun B [06:19]
18- Hidden Track : Too Long Feat Black Thought [04:11]

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    S to the A.. I'm buying it tomorrow

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